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Full Version: Richmond.,VA The Bladers unite!
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ok im thinking about doing a tournament i need someone to bring the tt stadium through and lets try this out!
place: pending
date:ang. ?
fees:5 bucks plus wbo fees!
You can't host a tournament in Toys R Us in the USA. Their Public Relations department forbids it.
well then......where can i host it at?sorry im kinda new to this still.
You should probably host it in Richmond. There aren't enough bladers in this area, trust me.
ok ill will
ok ill will
Even so, there is already a topic for Virginia:

Aren't you friends with Meradie? You should ask her to help out. I can also give you the attendee list for the tournament I had in Charlottesville.
ok yea i am i need to contact her and thanks for helping
You can't do money for prizes. That would be like gambling. You also need to gather interest first. Use the topic I linked you to.
ok then i will
hey cant u come because i still need judges