[Report] Year of the Bey

Yesterday was my Year of the Bey tournament in Simsbury, CT. I ran both Zero-G, and Limited.

We had 18 participants attend the Zero-G, and 14 stay for the Limited. Of those 14 for Limited, 3 left early, forfeiting the rest of their matches.

A total of 8 Passports were sold!

We were lucky to have 3 Zero-G attack stadiums, and 3 judges for the first tournament. Each judge took a block of 6 participants, and then we ran the finals with the top of each bracket. Overall we finished the Zero-G tournament in about an hour. Out of the 3 brackets, one was really close, and the other 2 had very clear-cut winners. In the end we saw Leone19 take first, akalajian second, and Nohzone third. akalajian missed out on first by ONE battle in the finals. The last match was super intense!

The one thing I noticed was a lot less B : D was used than usual.

F230 pretty much swept the tournament.

As for Limited, it was an exciting time being our first Limited tournament in CT. We had a lot of questions from participants and parents about what was legal, and what was not, and in the end everyone had a great time. We ended up running Swiss with 2 BB-10s and finished in about an hour. Again, F230 swept the tournament, but there were some really great combos! Leone19 took first again, myself second, and akalajian third.

Overall this was one of our best events! Our Limited tournament was really exciting, and a lot of the matches came down to the wire, most matches ending 3-2.
In Limited, F230 matches were a heck of a lot closer.

It almost lost the match to Libra and Earth, I believe it was defeated once or twice during the 5 rounds of those matches, haha. Libra KO'ed it once, haha

Hopefully showing its not necessarily undefeatable, haha.
Limited was MUCH closer on just about every match!

I had a bunch of parents asking where they could get a good F230 after the tournament Smile I have a feeling we'll see at least Charliebey showing up with one at the next tournament. We did have to explain to a few parents that F230 was perfectly legal, and that as long as the wheel keeps spinning, the Bey is still in play.

I was surprised at akalajian's Thermal Orion BD doing so well in Limited, though I can't say I feel all that bad at thrashing him in our match, since he usually beats me at home Wink

I'm also sad Bubblegum Bey didn't end up participating in Limited. She has really good parts, and probably could have done really well.

What was nice is that, overall, we saw a bit of a power shift between players, and some of our younger members did a bit better than usual. Kinda stinks, though, that Dr. Leo couldn't make it this time!

I'm sure we'll see the CT top 10 shift a bit after these 2 tournaments are processed.
Wow, really surprised by the turnout since there weren't very many names on the confirmed list in the days leading up to the tournament. Definitely impressed by your ability to market, Naijalak lol. Do the parents & bladers who didn't have an account know about the WBO now? It would be nice to see a few more active CT tournament-goers on the forum! I'm guessing that the judges were Doc, Leone, & yourself? Who left limited early? Anyway, congratulations on such a successful tournament; it's nice to see that CT is still going strong!
It's good to see less of a reliance on B:D, but it'll be a little disappointing if F230 dominates future tournaments; seemed like CT was one of the few places that F230 CF hadn't touched.
Sounds like this went great! Hopefully everyone understands LTD a little more after you explained it.

How many people ended up participating exactly?
We had 18 in the Zero-G, and 14 in the Limited. Judges were me, Doc8466, and Mrs Doc8466.

We had a good turnout of local Simsbury kids whose parents found us from either Facebook or the CT Beyblade site. I believe 4 were new signups, with at least 1 who'll actually be using the site.

Rockdragon and his brother deaddestroyer had to leave early for something that came up. Hadeskerbecs30, a younger blader, was just getting a bit worn out and tired, so his mom took him home.
Nice! I'm glad that CT Beyblade is playing a part in attracting members and getting them interested in the WBO; sometimes the larger forums can be a little difficult to navigate for parents, at first. Were a lot of the players new?
We had about 4 new users, and we had a few come back that hadn't been there since Valley of the Beys or Zero-G Gorge.
Looks like it went well. Thanks for the report!
Quote:F230 pretty much swept the tournament.

Called it.

Quote:It's good to see less of a reliance on BGrin, but it'll be a little disappointing if F230 dominates future tournaments; seemed like CT was one of the few places that F230 CF hadn't touched.

Listen to the lady! SAVE YOURSELVES!! Seriously. It'll be a terrible problem before you know it if you guys don't make an effort to keep it in check (unless of course nobody knows how to launch it. If that's the case it won't be too much of a problem). Just a friendly warning to be on the lookout. Don't wanna see the last area on the east coast take a hit. XD

Awesome news on the turnout though! It's kind of amazing how quickly the community has exploded up there. You guys seem really dedicated. All your events are very well organized. Smile
If you have the parts and win with them, I'd use it to, haha ...
I really don't enjoy all of the judging/trouble that has come with the use of it.

I understand it can indeed be a problem, though.

As Tri (thank you) and others had said: I worked hard, obtained a hard-to-find part, and used it. In Zero-G, it wasn't the only thing I used the (entire) time, too.