[Report] 7/28/11- Beyblade Conquest

Thank you to Kai-V for reminding me to post this, haha.

Overall, I thought this tournament was a blast. I didn't have nearly as many hosting problems as I have in the past, and I'm pretty sure everyone else had fun as well. The only problems we ran into were that some people had to leave early, but we decided to do their matches first so that there was no rush later on. I also would have liked to have a better turnout than 10, but judging from past turnouts this was to be expected...
Did the tournament begin too late or something ? It is good that you were able to play their matches first, but if people come to a Beyblade event expecting it to be over very quickly, it is weird.
It began about 10-15 minutes late. I only did this because we had about 8 or 9 people at 2:00, so I wanted to give people a chance to show up, but only 1 or 2 others came in that timeframe. Kind of disheartening, haha.
So, still fifteen minutes later, and they had to leave after how long ?
They had to leave around 3:15, so it wasn't much of a problem to wrap up their matches over the course of an hour.