[Remastered]Vintage's Graphics Shop

Wow, umm, sorry guys. I won't be able to complete your requests as Photoshop has crashed yet again, and I don't feel like restarting any requests again at the moment. So for a while, i will not take any requests until I permanently fix Photoshop.
Also, for sasuke41915, I wouldn't have been able to fulfill your request anyways because changing the height of the image screws up my proportions. For Sniper and Aries, unless your patient enough to wait maybe a few days up to weeks, please request signatures from other peoples shops.
I feel I just need some time to get myself together, and work on private projects.
I am very sorry for this horrible inconvenience.
I will wait for my sig from you.
sorry please delete
well then dont change the height just do what you can,it's ok though if i had a sig shop i wouldn't be able to handle it either (homework)
(Jul. 27, 2011  9:56 PM)NoodooSoup Wrote:
(Jul. 27, 2011  9:50 PM)aqua roxas Wrote: hey can i have a sig
size 500x450
type sig
color dark blue
has an image of lee wong holding gallion and in bottom right corner written Lee Wong

Limit is 500x200, unless you're planning to use it on another site.

in that case then make it 500x200
Just a heads up, tomorrow my shop is reopened! I'm back and ready to start making graphics again. :3 Feel free to start requesting new things tomorrow.
Can you make me a avatar of kronos and pegesus battling equally strong in sparks for about 3 seconds and then kronos goes back to his side of the stadium, glows purple and then attacks pegasus and throws him out of the stadium behind gingka badly damaged. And ACE at the very top the whole time in faded red letters.If you can you are the best blader alive. If you can't I completely understand. Thanks.
Type: Signature

Size: 450 by 150

Color Scheme: Red and White (The Basic colors of Ray and Driger should be incorporated into the Signature)

Picture: http://www.animechat.at/forum/attachment...44_ray.jpg

I know that only one image is allowed per request so that there is a focal point however, can you please incorporate driger as well and my name in some way in a red text.

Thank You!