[Remastered]Vintage's Graphics Shop

Umm... I'm not sure if you can do this, but I wanted the background of it to be the top of the stadium where the beyblades battle. And I want a picture of a flying waffle (Use my avatar if you can) and a plus sign, then a picture of a beyblade, then anequal sign, then in big text, and cool looking font, the word 'AWESOMENESS!'

so, image of Flying Waffle + image of Beyblade = AWESOMENESS!

If you can do this, thanks so much, if not, let me know.

Hmm, I mostly likely can, but I'll need you to explain in more detail. What beyblades? And I cannot see the link properly that you provided me.
Yeah, trying to fix the link... and, how about gravity persues?
sweet, fixed the link.
Oh, and about the stadium, it can be any stadium, any more detail you need?
ok can u throw something together? surprise me. but not beyblade related. again crazy wild. FURY i want the thing destructive. thanks
Alright, I'll work on both of yours tonight, when I can get back on my Mac. Smile
Thanks vintage for all you've done,I hope your shop grows,FAREWELL
(although I'll probably be asking for more)
I won't be able to go on for the rest of the night, but I'll make your guys' signatures tomorrow morning. I've also decided to only have the shop open on Sundays to Wednesdays, so I can have time to work on Dreamweaver for my Dad. Tongue_out
yay i cant wait!
oh can you edit my sig with a wbo logo on the top right and gravity perseus stamina version in the background oh and a little bigger on the size please THX
Aweome i was wondering could you make me
Surprise me (has to have Inyuyasha) and my name!
haha same thing for me but signature and avatar with my name and tobio and capricorn or just the facebolt symbol
please cancel my request ty
Photoshop isn't working...sorry but I'll have to cancel all requests for the time being..
Shop reopened. Feel free to request again. Smile
so you can upgrade my sig,right.
(no pressure,take your time)
Hmm, I'll try. I'm still thinking of how to incorporate GP into it. Tongue_out
Thank you so much vintage GP isn't necessery,if, you can't find it just put in blitz/ray unicorno
Can I have a signature 500 by 170 pixels and color scheme I would like to be red and yellow and I would like for it to say XDrigerX05 because that is what I am going to change my name too and I would like for it to have A picture of Rai on the right and A picture of Driger G on the left pic

and I would like for the text to be in red thanks!

and please don't warn me for the links
Hmm, alright, but does it have to be those exact images?
I would prefer them to be please.
Can you do a Sig and Avatar with tobio and capricorn and my name Sniperâ„¢ add in anything else you want just add to the whole sniper theme
you done mine (no pressure)
I haven't able to go on much on my Mac, due to packing, and getting ready for Portland. But I'll try to get them all done by tonight, if I have enough time when i go on.
hey can i have a sig
size 500x450
type sig
color dark blue
has an image of lee wong holding gallion and in bottom right corner written Lee Wong
(Jul. 27, 2011  9:50 PM)aqua roxas Wrote: hey can i have a sig
size 500x450
type sig
color dark blue
has an image of lee wong holding gallion and in bottom right corner written Lee Wong

Limit is 500x200, unless you're planning to use it on another site.