Recent Beyblade Purchases

i finished buying heaps of stuff on YJ. requested the invoice today so once i sort it out I'll be anticipating their arrival Joyful_3
So that Gigars I ordered on Ebay ended up being fake Unhappy
Isn't there something I could do since they used a Takara box and sent me something else?
G Wrote:So that Gigars I ordered on Ebay ended up being fake Unhappy
Isn't there something I could do since they used a Takara box and sent me something else?

Yes. File a Paypal claim.
Cool, thanks! I'm tired of looking at this "Ferocious Gigars"
Also bear in mind that you will win at paypal, because you're the buyer.
^ Smile


Can you please send us a photo of the item received as described? We will advise you on our next action after hearing from you. Thanks.

[Image: Gigars.jpg]
They haven't responded yet, but I'll file a complaint if they don't by the end of today.

Also, I won a Trygle 2 for $13 shipped... It would have been like $18, but someone outbid me on the Uriel 2 Uncertain
why the hell did you buy trygle 2
I didn't have the Hasbro one since it's a different color, and I thought I would get that Uriel 2 and save on shipping since there was like 5 minutes left this morning when I woke up. Yeah, totally my fault on that.
that sucks.

was gigars even popular? why make fakes of it, lol.
What did the fake version even look like? Chocked
lol I just wanted to try the CG(?) and the CEW.

The fake one is made of cheaper plastic, and just came with a fake EG. It's just a typical fake Bey.
I got my Zeus in the mail today, but I did not get a red tip Unhappy
Calamix Wrote:I got my Zeus in the mail today, but I did not get a red tip Unhappy

If it was Hasbro then that is to be expected and yes I fell for it too. I should have done a little more research on it.
My YJ invoice came in ... $387 ... D: I paid it.
I hope you got some good stuff for that money.
PRINCEcharming Wrote:Ouch.
I hope you got some good stuff for that money.

I'm not getting anything. It's all being given away at AN.
My purchases arrived!!! that's why i haven't been here much the last 2 days or so ;p

I got surprised by how much shipping rocked me for. a bit less than you, but for myself. my bey collection is not too shabby now.

i got heaps of carp, indeed the box was massive, and after emptying everything, building the blades, applying stickers etc, my whole room was a big mess. my bed was covered and only a few spaces were left on the flaw to walk through Smile

Only 3 smallish disappointments with it (excluding cost, although for what i get overall it isn't so bad)

1. didn't realize that none of the sets came with any left spin launchers (and only a few right spin ones, but i have enough of those already). I only had dissembled left spin launchers previously, and when i went to check for them to reassemble them, i couldn't find them. So i have several useless dragoon parts/left spin gears atm.

2. random boosters. 2x the booster which has grey versions of the main characters beys etc (i forget the name).
and of the ONLY TWO HMS beys i previously had, i found the grey versions of. i was really hoping for at least one to be one i didn't have (+ driger and gaia dragoon ms aren't exactly the most useful MS beys)
Then again, i got sea dragon in the another booster. is that the prize blade as the wiki says?

3. one of the lots i got (a biggish one) had some seriously abused beys (i still got some useful parts, but many were killed). some had screws drilled in place of missing tips, some magnecores had strangely destroyed magnets (actually strangely in another unopened bey from a seperat loy had the same thing fresh out of the box), and about 30% had 2x the normal amount of stickers put on. I mean WTF? they weren't even real stickers generally, but they were put OVER the normal stickers or in random places on the bey. other examples are dsub rings strangely modified so they don't spin smoothly (galman is useless now) and a few weightdisks were scribbled all over with pen or texter.
I'm sure it must have been a small child that did it LOL Pinching_eyes_2
It's unfortunate considering the damage was mostly not visible from the picture angles.

well, big purchase, big post XD

overall a reasonably positive experience buying from MOJ, they were very helpful (although the fees do stack up).

might post a pic of my room later if i can dig up a camera.
Sorry to hear about your bad luck, but you seem to be happy anyway, so congratulations Smile
I purchased another roller attacker for £2 from my friend at school. I broke it the same day =P
I'll be paying Mystikal soon for:

Wolborg MS x2
Death Gargoyle MS x2
Advance Averazer x2 (one is white)
Advance Guardian
Advance Striker
Draciel MS
Dragoon MS
Dranzer MS (Black)
Driger MS
Strata Dragoon MS
Samurai Changer (Red)
Round Shell MS
Slash Riger MS
Dragoon MSUV (AR, WD, BP)
HMS Customize Grip x2

I think thats basically everything. Smile
I just order a
Beyblade A-125 Draciel MS (Metal System) Takara version
Dragoon G, Takara version
BBA Attacker the Takara version
and getting a free BeyBlade Arena from a Friend that quit BeyBlade

I just found out the battle top Collection are fake BeyBlades so I order fake beyblades that when I get I will return them
yeah i'm happy enough. i mangaed to fix up some of them a litte.

also loving my limited edition beys, like gaia dragoon navy blue, silver dragoon V etc. I'm protecting them carefully.

But it still irks me... i can't even imagine a little child colouring a weight disk with a red pen.......... Lips_sealed
bugturtles Wrote:I'm giddy. And it's early in the morning.

You use Rinkya? Their fees are pretty steep ...

That seller is hilarious, they've been posting that same lot for ages, each one selling fairly quickly. The prices goes up by 100 yen every time. I got the 1480 and 1580 ones.