I dont believe that this concept has been used before when creating HMS customisations. Customisation is as follows:

BP: 3rd Mould (Tightest)
AR: Smash Leopard
CWD: Samurai base part (Upper Attack Mode)
RC: Grip Flat Ultimate Mode

(Left OR right spin direction. Doesnt seem to matter)

The CWD of Samurai Changer's base fits perfectly with the shape of Smash leopard to produce an almost perfectly circular attack surface (The semi-tightness of the AR-CWD fit also means that there is NO rattling of parts at all). However in testing, the blade appears to have some very good rebounding qualities. The rubber on the grip flat base also seems to prevent the blade from exiting the stadium on Impaact. (Tornado Attack used in all tests).

Results against Dranzer MS (Attack Mode, fastest beyblade in my HMS collection excluding this combo) and Wolborg MS (Both uncustomised). 5 battles each. Both beyblades Right Spin.

Tests Done in Tornado Attack

DZMS Tests:

1: Combo Won (DZMS Stadium Out)
2: Combo Won (DZMS Stadium Out)
3:Combo Won (DZMS Stadium Out)
4: Combo Lost (Stopped Spinning)
5:Combo Won (DZMS Stadium Out)

WBMS Tests:

1: Combo Won (WBMS Stadium Out)
2: Combo Won (WBMS Stadium Out)
3:Combo Won (WBMS Stadium Out. 1HKO)
4:Combo Won (WBMS Stadium Out. 1HKO)
5:Combo Won (WBMS Stadium Out. 1HKO)

And just for the Record...

Vs Shining God MS

-Combo Won (SGMS Base destroyed)

The combo seems to easily be most effective in the Tornado Attack stadium (Which has also been damaged by this combo). and most of the stadium outs were when the opposing beyblade came into contact with the stadium wall after collision with the combo. Just hit, bounced up and over.

1st post in the combo section so dont be too hard ;_;
You can fit the CWD in Upper mode? Speechless I'll have to try this later. I thought it couldn't fit on any other Beyblade.
That is SLICK I'm jealous. Even it doesn't work like AMAZINGLY For looks this just cannot be beat.
This is a very well thought out post.

I'm definitely going to have to try this. If this does work, then that means it should be viable for the new MFB attack stadium, since Tornado Attack is so similar to it.
Woah that does look really good. I cant wait to try that out myself.

Have you got any other blade combinations worth testing against though aswell? Like how it would fair up against another smash attacking blade? If you have a list of HMS blades, i'm sure some of the other more skilled members here could post up some good combinations for you to test it against.

Again, Very well thought out and it does look like something worth trying out.

I feel sorry for your shining god ms and tornado attack stadium getting damaged Unhappy
This combo might have some potential, but on the 3rd test, my GFC: UV broke Unhappy
All of my MS series Beyblade parts are as follows:

-Driger MS
-Dranzer MS
-Gaia Dragoon MS
-Dragoon MSUV (Core Now destroyed.)
-Wolborg MS
-Advance Averazer
-Dark Leopard MS (Attack ring being used)
-Samurai Changer MS (CWD part being used)
-Jiraiya MS (BP being used)
-Shining God MS (Base didnt get broken as such, just fell apart. All back to normal now)


My Grip flat core has just broken as a result of using this combo. Read first post for details.

And many thanks for the comments everyone Smile
Congratulations for being one of the only posts to introduce something we didn't know already in a lonnnng time.
Im realy surprized no one tryed this before. Thanks for leting us know. Ill try testing this out with Defencinve and Endurance RC's to see how it could work.
(Sep. 24, 2008  12:08 AM)Maz Wrote: Im realy surprized no one tryed this before.

Same here. It does make sense though since Smash Leopard does have a bit of force smash. Thanks so much for showing us this, CobraRoll.

However, I won't be trying this against any other Beyblades. It sounds dangerous so far. That sucks that your Shining God MS broke, I want one of those so badly.
lol I wish I could try it but I dont Dark Leopard MS I would even risk a few blades XD
I actually think someone posted about this before a long time ago, or someone told me about it personally. Good job, though. <3
This thing looks so cool when you have it put together.
Sounds really good. As soon as I get some parts that blade is mine!
Just tested it, hella fast. There are better combos out there, but it isn't bad at all.
Nice find, could be one of the best HMS smashers around. I think left spin would be better if you were to use a taller RC, but otherwise it seems like it should perform around the same for both spin directions because of the 2 main attack points in the CWD at a low height.

I was wondering, is there a black version of Grip Flat Core UM? I got other black RCs (along with black SCMS), but that seems like the most fitting one for this combo.