Random, but it made my day.

So i had a pretty rough monday this week, i know its friday and a lot of you are probably wondering where im going with this, well, long story short, some drug head broke into my car sunday night and slept in it all night, i was up testing kS downstairs right by my car too (basically) I didnt find out til later monday when around 12pm my neighbor (an older lady) came and told me some dude came and knocked on her door gave her a sob story about being robbed of his phone, wallet, and shoes and then drugged. Anyways, i found my car ransacked and went to let my neighbor know. Od never really talked much with them but she turned out to be awesome. Shes a grandmother of several and has 2 of her granddaughters living with her (17 and 9) i told them what happened and she immediatley called the cops, made me a sandwhich and we just talked for awhile getting to know each other. All 3 of us. I finally got around to mentioning beyblade and they were all really interested (Especially the 9yr old) so i went and got my stuff and threw together a Hasbro Spryzen force accel and grabbed a few of my other beys and my stadium ad launchers. I gave the spryzen to her and she was so hyped. She loved it, kept asking her grandmother if they could go get more and the last i heard theu were gonna get her the epic rivals set. Longer story cut short, we battled for a good hour and i had to leave because my girlfriend was coming for us to go watch the mummy, as i was leaving she went and got their huge wok and told me she was going to practice a lot so she could beat me every single time next time. Making her day and sharing the epicness of beyblade made my day. It was just an awesome thing that came because something bad. Just goes to show how you determine your day. Grin for those that read all of this. Thanks xD
That's why I love Beyblade! It always manages to make our days better. Your story is one of the best examples of this! Great one, man!
Woah, what a ride, man. Glad to hear you're okay and ended up meeting some cool people in the end.
(Jun. 17, 2017  2:18 PM)Angry Face Wrote: Woah, what a ride, man. Glad to hear you're okay and ended up meeting some cool people in the end.

Yea, it was pretty intense. In a way i wish i had caught him, but if i had i might not have got to know my neighbors.
Amazing story man Smile Glad that she liked Beyblades.
Awesome story. Smile
From a damaged vehicle to a top tier Blader in the making? Great story. Train her well!