[Product]  BBG-09 Random Booster Vol. 1 Thief Phoenic E230GCF

Random Booster to be released on April 21st 2012, for approximately 683 yen.

For all information and pictures of Thief Phoenic E230GCF, check out the Beywiki article on it :

Pictures and other information on this Random Booster here :

Content :
Super Rare Beyblade - Thief Phoenic E230GCF
Rare Beyblade - Thief Saramanda 230WB
Rare Beyblade - Samurai Saramanda E230ES
Rare Beyblade - Pirates Ifraid T125GCF
Shinobi Ifraid 230WD
Pirates Saramanda T125WB
Shinobi Orojya 145ES
Samurai Orojya 145WD
Thanks to Toywiz for the render :
[Image: thieffennecrender.jpg]
Apparently it is actually based on the phoenix ... I have no idea how to write that in English then, so you get the mess that is in the title.

It is an Attack Type.
at first i read it as Fennec which is a type of fox with long ears but this makes more sense love to see another phoenix bey besides phoenix/fireblaze and dranzer
Hm, thanks for the update, Kai-V. Smile
That render seriously looks SO cool!
OK, we have got Samurais, Ninjas, Pirates, and now a Thief?! Wow...
I thought we'd finally get a fox beyblade that was more interesting. But that is one beast blade. Thank you Kai-V!
Put's Wing and Big Bang to shame in terms of displaying a feathered wing - thanks Kai-V, Zero-G designs continue to impress.
Thanks for the info Kai V. This wheel looks sick. It would be awesome if it was left spin.
It looks very interesting. However, does it look like the three sides have different designs on them? This may be like another Diablo.

Thanks anyway, Kai-V!
may be a most heaviest!!!!!!!!!!!! ?
(Mar. 21, 2012  6:41 PM)Ryu-X Wrote: It looks very interesting. However, does it look like the three sides have different designs on them? This may be like another Diablo.

Thanks anyway, Kai-V!

All Chrome Wheels have asymmetrical designs ... I do not know where you were since the beginning of when we learned about Beyblade Zero-G.
Oh My Golly Joe..this looks better than any of the other Zero-G chrome wheels yet to me..I don't know why lol, I guess Phoenixes are just beast to me XD
This wheel looks really nice. I'm really excited to see the track and bottom on this too.

Thank you Toywiz (lol), and Kai-V
I have to say this is easily my favorite of all of the ones ive seen
I hope it has new parts/ is tall...
So far this looks like the first one with real attack potential, and I'm pretty excited they chose to continue the three-sided smash attack concept. Really promising!
Wow. That is one epic beyblade with epic contact points.
Man, that thing looks sweet. Look at those contact points. And, with the synchrom thing, we won't get "Wolfed" again!
Even the Crystal wheel is aggressively designed. Can't wait to try this.

@th!nk I see what you did there. XD
I don't like the design one bit, but it does look very promising and fun for Attack! I'm really excited with the way this series is turning out to be!
(Mar. 21, 2012  4:23 PM)Kai-V Wrote: Thanks to Toywiz for the render :
[Image: thieffennecrender.jpg]

On the subject of contact points, those would only be good if the bey was left spin...
Why does the bottom left of the render look like a photoshopped Diablo wheel?
It... doesn't? Unless you're seeing something I do not...
Maybe it's just me but it looks like one of the sides of Diablo were Placed on the bottom left.
Love the Phoenix design on Thief. Can't wait to see the whole thing and the rest of the contents of this booster. Thank you Kai-V.