[Product]  BBG-06 BeyCarrier Zero G

To be released on March 31st, 2012, for approximately 2100 yen.

[Image: zerobeycarrier.jpg]
[Image: zerobeycarrier.jpg]

Metal Fight Beyblade BeyCarrier Ver. 2, essentially ...

Still, that blood red is awesome.
Looks nice! Thanks for the update.

It reminds me of a tackle box for fishing.
Probably because it is. Eee

The only real difference is that it should have some sort of custom foam cutouts to support the various beys, grips, launchers, etc. for the Zero-G series.

I've got a case of these on order, so assuming that my community wants to buy them there will be a decent cadre of MD/DC/VA bladers who will be able to give product reviews in the near future.
I love that blood red too! I also like the Zero G logo on it!
Awesome !
One of the thing that I like most on the Zero-G series is the logo. You gotta love that "Zero-G".
Blood red looks good too , but I still prefer normal black BeyCarriers.. just hope that this carrier has enough space to fit quite a few beys.
Thanks Kai-V.
I wonder if it would have slots for certain pieces??? That would be neat because As far as I know the MFB one did not have them.
Hasbro needs a carry case like this., especialy in the Crimson Blood Red Joyful_2
OH and yes I love the bloody-reddy color-y!!!
I should probably get one of these. I'm running out of space in the tackle box I've got anyway.
Please be useful, haha.
I love this color, it is simply astonishing.
That colour...


On a serious note, I hope it's sizeable...
I hope it will pay off for it's cost.I mean if it had no difference from those cheap ones you see in dollar stores.I can't find any other reason but the logo and the color.
YOu can always get a stencil and make the logo yourself and use spray paint for color.
That is probably just a sticker actually, hah.
Oh but if you do make it yourslef It might looker nicer than a sticker if it is one.Chief 2002 - Disappointed ...
I think this is worth buying just because of the color. It's basically an MFB Hard Type Beycarrier, so it's kind of useless except for the color being awesome. Too bad, I was rather hoping that it would be remodeled to be bigger and accommodate more Beyblades and parts. Thanks though, Kai-V.
Actually, this is for Zero-G, and only two Beyblades from Zero-G will have been released, so it actually surprises me that they are releasing a BeyCarrier so early. I would almost expect there to be more spaces for Tracks and Bottoms since those already exist and are compatible.
I would hope that you're right, Kai-V, seeing as the MFB Beycarrier was quite small and disappointing.

I know that it is for Zero-G, I was just saying that it looks quite similar to the MFB Hard Type Beycarrier. I forgot to state that.

I guess I will be ordering some of these..
I totally agree with you, it seems to be the same size. I was simply saying that since all we know will be legal to use in Zero-G Stadiums for now is : Samurai Ifraid, Shinobi Salamander, and then all the Tracks and Bottoms available. It would therefore almost make no sense to make a BeyCarrier with more than two spaces for full Beyblades, hah.
Well, I am not really interested in BeyCarriers, but the color probably attracts my attention. Smile
I hope that "Zero G" is not a sticker.... Smile
Just to confirm : apparently the package size is exactly the same as BB-52 BeyCarrier Hard Type.
While I guess a "BeyChestOfDrawers" or "BeyGlassDisplayCaseWithDustGuard" would be a rather limited product in terms of potential buyers, something slightly larger would have been nice. I guess it's easier to re-release an old product that design a new one, though.
And remember that BB-52 is very, very old, so it has not been available in Japan for several months, if not over a year.