[Product]  BB-126 Flash Sagittario 230WD

Please god no.

Seriously, that is all.

I actually think I'd prefer GB145MES now... Confused
Are you serious?!

Then I'm not even ordering this. I do hope that you missed a number, honestly. I highly doubt you did though. Thank you though, Ms. Kai-V
I really hope it's not that since we've already had two releases of it in the last few months(Phantom Orion special parts thing and Duo Uranus 230WD) and I don't have high hopes for Flash.
Too bad it's confirmed Unhappy
I saw it say flash sagitario 230WD right after the diabl nemesis CM
Well, we can say bye bye to interest in this then.
Um it's not confirmed. She said it wasn't 100%. Tbh I don't see why everyone's so disappointed. I just wanted something new, I really don't care what it is. We've only had one useful bottom from the whole 4D series and that was TH170 so the chances even if it's not 230WD of it being useful aren't great. Also everyone bought Kreis Cygnus even after testing showed that it wasn't great so I don't see why people wouldn't buy this.
Misreading can lead to funny results, which is what I was saying in my post.
Then I hope the "funny" result is a new bottom.
So, the Japanese saw it too. It is 230WD. I have very good visual memory, I still remember Valentin's father's credit card number.

Let this be a clear reminder too : there are a lot of bad sources, and most of the people in the Beyblade community cannot distinguish the real from the dreams like I can. Therefore, if I am not posting something, necessarily assume that it is not confirmed and probably fake. GB145MES was another fan's fantasy, other Japanese people thought it was real too, and now it had started spreading into this community. I do everything I can to keep this community unstained and only deliver the very confirmed information.
230WD how sad Unhappy everyone is saying they won't get it i will definitely get this as flame saggitario was my first bey and I think it looks pretty beastly actually this is just my opinion so seriously don't criticize
I might as well attach my limited C145 and S I got randomly on it for display XD.
I have a feeling it was a tease of a random combo?
(Feb. 12, 2012  2:54 AM)Codeine Extorts Wrote: It's February eleventh and would it be controversial to release inaccurate information this late?

What do you mean ? Inaccurate information is very wrong no matter the time.
Yeah I wanted to type something else out but posted instead by accident. Edited that out and I greatly apologize for anything I might have caused there Kai-V.
Another 230WD combo....yeesh. Tongue_out
(Feb. 12, 2012  1:57 AM)Kai-V Wrote: So, the Japanese saw it too. It is 230WD.

Highly disappointing. Sort of a slap in the face by TAKARA-TOMY too, considering that this is likely the last 4D System release. I would have been happier with another crappy 4D Bottom; at least it would have been interesting.

(Feb. 12, 2012  1:57 AM)Kai-V Wrote: I have very good visual memory, I still remember Valentin's father's credit card number.

Would it kill them to stick a D tip on something? I mean, seriously...
Maybe this will actually be a decent release. Im looking forward to testing this.
Ha I guess they're making Flash Sagittario similar to Duo Uranus other than Flame Libra was to it's Flame Sagittario predecessor...?
Maybe we need to stop thinking so much about the track and tip and just figure out what to do with Flash?
Every release with WD has been great so I'm actually happy about it than having the usual schizophrenic 4D bottoms which tend to be god awful.
I'd prefer gimmicky bottom and new parts and diversity to recycled parts. 230WD is good, but it's been released 3 times within the past year or so.

I wanted a gimmicky C145 evolution... Crying

TBH, I don't get how Kenta will use a freaking 230WD in the anime, it's just so un-Kenta-like.
Now now, we still don't have a grasp at what Flash's frame is capable of. One fitting thing 230 can cooperate in is a really low-hanging free-spinning gimmick.