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Full Version: BB-126 Flash Sagittario 230WD
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Starter to be released on February 18th 2012, for approximately 998 yen.

For all information on Flash Sagittario, you should read the Beywiki article on it :

[Image: flashsagittario1.jpg]
This thing looks to be thick in the MW... Eee

Thanks for the pic!
Nice like a double flame wheel Grin
Another circular MW? Creativity, anyone?
Then again, Flame Sagittario was a stamina type, so I guess it makes sense...
Thank you Kai-V and Leviath!
This Metal Wheel looks like two Flame Metal Wheels one on top of another ... That should bother you more than the fact that it is another circular part, hah.
I can see what appears to be a "slope" of sorts in the lower half of the metal wheel, what about you guys?
(Jan. 19, 2012  2:15 PM)Jaygrazer Wrote: [ -> ]I can see what appears to be a "slope" of sorts in the lower half of the metal wheel, what about you guys?

I do not think so. Look at Flame Sagittario, it is the same sort of "line".
I dont think its THAT circular...It looks like that 2 ovals crossing each other..
(Jan. 19, 2012  2:17 PM)Leviath Wrote: [ -> ]I dont think its THAT circular...It looks like that 2 ovals crossing each other..

As Kai-V said, two Flame wheels over each other. Kenta isn't really that bigger character in the series so I guess TT just slacked off in the design of this one. Also, FlameSagittario was the bey that made Flame famous, so I guess it makes kinda sense that it is repeated :\
I love this one. I always liked Sagittario,so I'm pretty happy it got a new form.
The facebolt is looking awesome.
Well, as others have said, it looks like a Flame over Flame. Smile
Not quite impressive though, but lets see...
Thanks for the updates, Kai-V.
Ack...I was just looking at this on ToyWiz...

I'm pre-ordering this for my shop. Looks like two Flame wheels on each other. I wonder how this will perform...I can't wait to see the official pictures.

Thanks for all the info Kai-V!
Wow this Beyblade looks better than Flame Sagittario wow *-* I love the yellow-colored Beys ...
Thank you Kai-V for the information!

But is it a 4D Beyblade ?
Yes, Flash Sagittario is a 4D Beyblade.
Um, it certainly seems to be a 4D beyblade, you know...
EDIT- Beaten by Kai-V.
It is the most and the newest seen beyblade for me.
My friend Arjun has ordered this bey.
Is this Stamina type?
I think so that it will be not shown in the Anime,In Manga??Who knows.
Thanks for the update Kai-V.
Keep us updated.
Haha, you should know by now that Kai-V beats everyone. She and Brad are the ultimate bosses...

Anyway, I'm still so curious as to what the bottom will be. I hope it's a 4D Bottom..and one that's really useful.

I'll be watching the episode to see whether I can catch the bottom shape or something.

EDIT: It is currently unknown what type it is.
Holy carp.

Thanks for the update Kai-V.
Hmm, in Leviath's pic, Flash seems to be a mix between Bakushin and flame.
To me it looks like a deformed Inferno, but then again this is just a perspective effect.


Okay, yeah, cool. Sorry if that obviously wasn't clear enough to me, which it is....
Sagittario heavily inspired Flame, and Inferno is obviously heavily inspired from Sagittario, so what were you expecting. It is as if we have three identical Wheels ...
Not impressed by this at all. A very unoriginal, uninspired design. Its lack of any physical appeal better be made up for the fact that it preforms well, but I doubt it. Especialy after all the hype around this too...I will put money on seeing this bey include a Sharp 4D tip of somekind, that will defy all expectations, and be even worse than the current 4D bottoms...and being that this appears to be flame-like wheels stacked on top of eachother...well there is your possible mode change folks...

Kenta: Um, exuse me, Takara-TOMY? I want to grow up to finnaly become a strong blader and meaningful character in the anime, so why does my new bey look like this? What should I do?

TT: Cry about it, like you always do.
If I recall correctly Kenta is an obnoxious whiner. This Beyblade is his pacifier.

Heck I cannot wait to see a likely-ambitious 4D Bottom/Track and Tip.

That said, it's funny how people call a Beyblade's design "disappointing" but when some miracle happens all of the sudden it doesn't matter.... =/
In the end, preformance is all that matters. Some argue that "fun" comes 1st, but those would be people like Kenta.

While I am kidding if course, fun is important too, if this ends up doing poorly, alot of Kenta's will whine about it, I am sure. That said, dont be suprised when this bey is worse than Inferno...

Of course if I am wrong (dont think so) then I recant my statement.
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