[Product]  B-21 Beyblade Custom Set Attack & Balance

A new set that will contain :
- Minoboros Oval Quake
- Deathscyther Wing Fusion (red)
- Spriggan Spread Blow (yellow)
- Launcher Grip (transparent black and red rubbers)

[Image: AmzDqWv.jpg]

[Image: kCNuiZj.jpg]

[Image: Rda2iwe.jpg]

[Image: 2Znp3i0.jpg]

[Image: czoRvq6.jpg]

[Image: LjVVAr5.jpg]

[Image: e26LjBG.jpg]

Now that red Deathscyther interests me, hah. Also, they call it the "Power Launcher Grip", but clearly it is the same "Beyblade Launcher Grip" written on the actual Launcher Grip and it is just the grip rubbers that are different.

Also, Minoboros weighs 8.2 grams and Quake weighs 5.4 grams.

So Minoboros really has a Quake Driver like Metal Fight Beyblade's Storm Capricorne's Q Bottom hah :

Deathscyther comes with Wing and Fusion :

Spriggan has Spread and Blow :

The Launcher Grip is actually transparent black and it does come with the new shape of Grip Rubber. The 'rubber' plastic looks just as sturdy as the previous ones released in Beyblade Burst.

To be released on November 16th 2015 for approximately 3,500 yen.
I'm super happy to see more Resuffle sets- correct me if I'm wrong, Minoboros is a new top, correct?
Holy carp so many beyblades already. And I'm waiting until November to buy a grip now hahah. This is on my buy lost now.
So every reshuffle is two old beys and one new? Also, Minoboros? Is that a Minotaur or Oroboros? The two themes feel like they would produce massively different layers so I can't see how TT could combine the two.
The design of this bey kinda reminds me of PreHWS Libra.
Could it be that Minoboros resembles a Minoceros or a Minotaur?
It's a minotaur.
A Minotaur? NICE! I have to possibly get it now.
(Instantly puts on but list.)

MinoTaur is epic
Sorry guys, Monoboros it's not a Minotaur

from what I can say, it's looks like a giant Squid
or something like this insect

but I am pretty sure that's a giant Squid
Omg I hate ticks. Opening that spoiler made me cringe
Heheh lovely...

If it isn't a Minotaur then dammit!
(Takes off buy list) XD jk
(Aug. 05, 2015  7:52 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: It's a minotaur.

It's not a minotaur.
Lol. I hope it's a squid then and not a tick. Strange name for either of those things though. I wonder what their reasoning is. Maybe if it is a tick, then mine and burrow? I dunno. That's gross though. Lol
From that small picture I personally think this is the worse looking burst so far... It's like a circle... Probably going to be spammed for defense... Hopefully Horuusodo will be amazing for attack because from the picture it seems like it can get some crazy hits on this circular tick defense beyblade haha.
The color is really off putting for me too. This is not looking very good.
I put this pics coz that the nearest looking with those front legs in front his head

but the design on the bey only show 2 long legs or should say 2 long tentacles coz like the giant squid it's red
Thanks for the info Oki. I might as well just sign over my bank account to you now, this looks like it will be an expensive release date. Lol
Edit: I just realized that all these new ones are broken up into October and November, shouldn't be that bad then
lol @ you guys seriously judging this thing based on a 60px image
(Aug. 06, 2015  5:35 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: lol @ you guys seriously judging this thing based on a 60px image

I have the official pics from TakaraTomy, but it's officially forbidden to use , copy, .... by TakaraTomy
so that's why I put a really small pics hidden by COMING SOON, which I should hid by DO NOT COPY
Haha, sorry, I wasn't trying to blame you for it! I just think people should calm their speculation a bit until we know more.
Do we get beylogger or light launcher with this set?
(Aug. 12, 2015  10:50 AM)vikrambeyblade Wrote: Do we get beylogger or light launcher with this set?

Read the opening first post
What would be the names of disk and driver of Monoborus? How would they look like?
Well would be a nice set. I would buy it.