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(Jul. 15, 2011  12:04 PM)th!nk Wrote: Personally, Dragoon G's BB seems kinda useful, as it basically has a built in eight-spiker for lower opponents, and it can use a Turbo Left EG+Rubber CEW, or whatever, and make a great OHKO combo with whatever AR (I tend to avoid whale crusher here as stuff goes right under it and hurts you). Dragoon V2's AR is a good option there, I guess, but yeah, there are loads of OHKO parts.
recently,in College Breakout : Ancient War plastics remembrance in malaysia..
i found dragoon g's bb is quite useful..
user boboy was using this combo:
ARConfusedmash turtle
EG:normal left engine
BB:first clutch dragoon g

it went wicked when the eg is released..i'm sure,if it hits the opposing bey..it a K.O.
just the the smash turtle is a bit less proper ar for a OHKO..
this combo really can be improve using Left Turbo EG...
i support th!nk theory..
Driger v2, I know there was a "dranzer v2 v driger v2 war", but the article is so negative about it. RockBullH145sf used a driger v2 with a magnetic wd, and I couldn't stop it. I'm guessing bearing sg 2 would stop it, but then, it's got serious upper, he blitzed my zombie and compact with it, which is ridiculous...
volcanic apes ar any good for zombies/ spin stealing i think the little dots do spin steal like the SP but the head thing ruins it theoritcally
Yeah, there are better options.

Again saying Driger V2 is extremely underrated by beywiki.
Yeah Driger V2 is VERY good. It's so hard to stop it... If I had a legit testing stadium, I could test Venus (Hasbro) from Venusian G, but sadly, I'm sure by the time I get a legal plastics stadium, I'll have sent it to Separated Spine before then. However from what I've seen it isn't really great IMO. I didn't do much testing with it though.
I'd say that the SP of Vortex ape would have more use in zombies than the AR since although it has the same bumps to steal spin it won't really be in contact meaning no recoil like the AR has. One part I think is overlooked is Flash Leopard's ar. It has use in compacts like Tiger Defencer(Driger S ar) but has some attack power too. I will probably test when I get a new attack stadium.
Both of those are already known, Ultrablader.
And the Voltaic Ape SP are listed in the Zombie article.

FL1 may actually be a very good compact out of the box, but it isn't really underrated, tbh.
As the article said, it's used when you need a bit more attack power than Tiger Defenser. That said, seeing as my compact is my main Defensive combo right now, I use War Lion.
Because it isn't good at it. Flash Leopard IS. Hence, if you want a little more attack in your compact, Flash Leopard is a good choice.
(Jul. 18, 2011  11:42 AM)th!nk Wrote: Both of those are already known, Ultrablader.
And the Voltaic Ape SP are listed in the Zombie article.

FL1 may actually be a very good compact out of the box, but it isn't really underrated, tbh.

Yeah but it's not well known. Neither of them are that well known.
i mensioned this a while ago but there is a beyblade where the exposed ar is free spinning and the central is stable it think it might be good in defence
Pretty sure Voltaic Ape is very widely known.

As for flash leopard, it may be worth adding to the compact article, but I'm no expert.

Poseidon: Name would help Tongue_out
note sure had a look but its spark something i think the pic is on my selling thread i think
You've got it down as spark knight, but Spark Knight has Try Cutter, like Polta...

Got it, Sparkling Attacker.

Seems relatively unknown, but it looks like it could be good. maybe ask one of the guys who was there back in the day about it?
That said, it is said to "spark"? I don't understand how, but yeah. Weird.

I guess it's one of those early beys like bound attacker and defenser that are rarely mentioned... Confused

It is worth noting as it's a 4-layer bey, it's right spin locked, but maybe for compacts or something...
I seem to remember threads in the old days with members saying it was horrible. Vortex ape's uses are that well known. I mean there's no article about it and the only reference on beywiki is in the Zombie article.
Yeah, true. But I find most people who own Flash leopard or Voltaic ape know what they're used for.

Anyway, sparkling attacker, apparently the hasbro one didn't spark... I dunno.
Okay, yeah, finished searching, apparently sparkling attacker is horrible.
Cyber Kerberous pretty much sweeped my entire group using an uncustomised Driger V2 too. Upper Claw and Upper Attack SPs are a great combination, and I even heard Ultrablader remark that it was like the BD145 of Plastics, which isn't far off - except it's a beast in terms of Attack too.
Did Driger V2 KO or OS? tbh, I've never played with it.
Deikailo: IT DOES BOTH Crying

God damn, <3. Can we fix it's article to mention that it's a ridiculous beast? Seriously, what the hell can you do against it?
Anything heavy enough to survive it's Upper Attack seems to get outspun, and I don't think Wolborg 2's tip will do much against that kind of upper, even with cross survivor. Apparently an uncustomised Driger S does okay, but considering he KO'd AND OS'd my compact, and didn't lose to very similar combo's in the finals, would mean no HMC or anything for Driger S, which is silly.

Bluezee mentioned that the SCB combo can work against it, but that's relying on avoiding it's hits as best as you can, which isn't something I'd like to be dependent upon.

The worst part, was that he'd told me he was using it before the tourney, and I wrote it off as an easy win as I'd read the article! AAAAAUUUUGGH!
My attacker would have beat Driger V2.
I was so surprised when my brilliant attack combo did pretty much nothing to it.
What combo did you use?
What combo/base did you use, Ultrablader?

It's been mentioned maybe a high grip attacker (which Deikailo used) might work. I only got in one round against it with my attacker (Triple Wing/10 Wide/Right MWC/SG Metal Flat 2), and got KO'd late in the match Unhappy

I mean, I guess that would probably be the best option, but it's kind of a shame, I like SG Metal Flat 2's ability to not only KO, but kill the opponents spin and then outspin them.