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How would this following combo do in attack :
*Dragon Breaker has to be oriented properly with War Bear.

AR- Dragon Breaker
SAR- War Bear
WD- Wide Defense
SG- Grip Change (Rubber Flat Mode) + Neo Left SG + HMC (Heavy Metal Core)
SP- Fin Tector
BB- Customize Grip
I was wondering how this combo would do (to bring War Dragon's full Attack Potential in the spin...)
You can't use grip change tip in another base without Wolborg 2's casings, and customize grip scrapes horribly for that setup. The range of the AR means you don't need attacking SP, cross survivor or defense ring are better choices, not sure about twin guard as I don't have it but it's probably better still.

Also, no HMC's for smash, grip change has amazing recoil handling anyway. Better version (which is the attacker I use and my favorite combo, and the best attacker I have found):

AR: Dragon Breaker
SAR: War Bear
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Left SG (Bearing ver. 2)
Tip: SG Grip Change Base Tip (attack mode)
SP: Cross Survivor
BB: Customize Bearing Base

Wolborg 2's base should work okay too, as the combo isn't that tall. Also, Fin Tectors really just add recoil.
Does G Upper do better in smash, when compared to Dragon Breaker ? I've found that it does much better than Eight Spiker so...

Also thank you for giving that extremley useful advice th!nk !
Dragon Breaker + War Bear is the most powerful Smash AR setup I've found, and I've tested a lot. It has one of the widest attack ranges possible in plastics (it's actually slightly wider than seaborg 2's AR), and surprisingly limited recoil.

G Upper vs Eight Spiker is somewhat situational for me, on lower bases, G Upper gets roughly the same winrate via KO plus a few extra by OS, while I find Eight Spiker works slightly better on Customize Grip Base as it's ability to net really clean KO's is a big benefit to that base (as it doesn't have particularly great recoil handling). Dragon Breaker + War Bear is more powerful than either, though, but the recoil means it can't be used as well by as many setups.

To be honest, other than the Dragon Breaker+War Bear combo that makes up for it with the ludicrous range and power, I tend to find right spin smash noticeably more effective than left, given most opponents are right spin.
Really? I'll never understand that since the parts suck on with the ARs they come with.
Speaking of Grass Cutter, does any AR come close to Dragon Breaker? I mean is it not just War Bear doing all the work when fixed in place?

Grip > Metal, Alex.
(Jun. 13, 2012  11:04 PM)Ultra Wrote: Really? I'll never understand that since the parts suck on with the ARs they come with.

Lemme help:
War Bear SAR: In that setup it's not free-spinning i.e. does stuff. It's also in left spin which is much, much better for its contact points ad durability than right.

Dragon Breaker: Doesn't have a silly free spinning SAR blocking its contact points.

The two have nice chemistry too.

(Jun. 13, 2012  11:47 PM)Dan Wrote: Speaking of Grass Cutter, does any AR come close to Dragon Breaker? I mean is it not just War Bear doing all the work when fixed in place?

Grip > Metal, Alex.

Dragon breaker does a lot of work, mine gets pretty beat up. Gaia Dragoon G's AR works but noticeably worse.

What's this about Grip>Metal?
Rubber based War Breaker/Grip > Metal based (MF-2)

Grip keeps it in check from all that recoil.
Oh yeah, of course, grip is almost always better than metal as long as it's a sufficiently fast grip base. The only concern is that Customize Grip Base doesn't handle recoil all that well (though Wide Defense and an MG Core should make it all fine), and I think you're underestimating SG MF 2's recoil handling as well. It's a bit like Metal Flat (MFB). That said, there's a reaosn I recommended Ariel 2's tip above, and I am considering altering the galzzly article, but I am leaving it until I update the GDV article, which will get the combo from the galzzly one (as that uses SG MF 2).

The real downside to metal tips is the lesser control tbh, which the War Breaker setup does a lot to negate by being xbawkshueg

It's not a bad combo even on SG MF 2 as that AR setup has a lot less recoil than you would imagine, but if you haverecoil problems you should definitely look at investing in a grip tipped base. I'm going to do some work with it on CGB today, so I'll post anything notable here later on.
CGB would not be the best choice LOL
Ariel 2 or Storm Grip mod are the best, for sure, yep.
Should probably be added in, I think. I mean it isn't horrible but if a better option exists, mention it.

Storm Grip mod aint legal, but yeah I'm playing around with stuff today to check.
that should probably be changed.

Good luck, maybe you'll find a good alt.
Can't we use Grip Base for that combo or does it not handle the recoil as well because it has no HMC or because it only can be used in right spin?
It can't use left spin, the ar setup only works in left.
Okay, following on from here: http://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Plastics...#pid974601

I did some testing on the Wolborg 4 thing. Only 10 rounds each because I didn't have that much time and it's really dull, but I did both wide defense and 10 balance with Tiger Defenser, War Lion, Wing Cross and Turtle Smasher.

I will try to do another 10 rounds of each some time, and update this post when I do, because this really needs it.

Tornado Attack Stadium
Left Launcher (Second Ver), Right Launcher. Dragon Winders for both.
Customize Grip on each launcher, with rubber grips and nothing else.
Alternating Launches, Zombie Launches first Round One
Both launched Straight Shot.
Wolborg 4 EG discharged between rounds, and any buildup on tip cleaned.
Wolborg 4 Tip is used, somewhat rounded, and the EG isn't as smooth as a mint one - I keep my good one for tournaments, sorry.
KO's AND DRAWS NOT COUNTED, both re-done, but listed in detailed results.
As noted, Wing Cross is mold 2.

Here are the combos:
Wolborg 4 Combo (W)
AR: Tiger Defenser, War Lion, Wing Cross (Mold 2) or Smash Turtle
Weight Disk: Wide Defense or 10 Balance
SG: Right EG Circle Survive
BB: Normal Base (Wolborg 4 Ver.)

Zombie (Z)
AR: Scissors Attacker
WD: Wide Survivor
SG: Left SG (Bearing Ver.) (Takara Wolborg, NSK Shielded Ball Bearing).
BB: Defense Grip Base 2

Results refer to Wolborg 4 combo, titles to AR and WD used on it respectively.
Tiger Defenser:
Wide Defense:
10 Balance:

War Lion
Wide Defense:
10 Balance:

Wing Cross (Mold 2)
Wide Defense:
10 Balance:

Smash Turtle
Wide Defense:
10 Balance:

Observations (Click to View)
So yeah, really need to do more rounds, but Wing Cross was convincingly better than the others.

Stuff I wanted to test but didn't/just didn't test (Click to View)
Do you think the zombie would have done worst if you'd used a Hasbro Wolborg Bearing Core?
I don't have a hasbro one, though the fake I have is basically hasbro's tip shape. I'd imagine it would've done worse just because the hasbro one has more friction (and if the shaft straightness issues are true, then it definitely would do worse). I am not able to do more testing tonight, though if I remember I'll try my fake one tomorrow just to see how it does.

While grinding against the disk appears bad for the zombie, implying stability is everything, my PF MDBS tip seems to do better against everything, wolborg 4 combos included, than my takara wolborg one, though I'm yet to test it. Don't know if I will because I don't want it getting worn, but it's a rather visible improvement. I assume the lower friction makes up for whatever it is, as stability is a massive help to BK's tip, the best of the lot.
Testing out Blizzard's AR.

AR: Double Attack (Blizzard/Orthrus)
WD: 10 Wide
SG: Neo Right MagneCore
SP: Cross Survivor
BB: Customize Grip Base

AR: Tiger Defenser (Driger S)
WD: Ten Heavy
SG: Right Neo SG
SG Core: Heavy Metal Core
BB: SG Semi-Flat

Equipment used:
x2 Black Launcher Grips or whatever
x1 Grip Rubber (For Launcher Grip)
x2 Dragon Ripcords
x2 Launchers

22 Rounds (2 Draws)

Blizzard (9 KOs)
Driger (8 KOs, 3 OS)

Blizzard win rate: 45%

One set of testing .. and:
Fudge, that's a lot of damage. Tired

*Credits to th!nk for the combos and assistance.
Did you use wide survivor or 10 wide on the attacker? Perhaps Wide Survivor is part of it getting KO'd so much... Does little to sate my desire for a blizzard orthrus, as I am curious to see if I can control that recoil and how it does then...
Doesn't interest me much. If it can't do well against a compact then that doesn't say anything positive about it's attack ability IMO.
(Jun. 18, 2012  2:18 PM)th!nk Wrote: Did you use wide survivor or 10 wide on the attacker? Perhaps Wide Survivor is part of it getting KO'd so much... Does little to sate my desire for a blizzard orthrus, as I am curious to see if I can control that recoil and how it does then...

I used 10 Wide, I was meant to say Cross Survivor, as the SP.
Ultra: Compacts can be very good defensively. Mine:
AR: Tiger Defenser
WD: 10 Heavy
SG: Neo Right HMC
SP: Defense Ring
BB: Customize Metal Change Base
is pretty darned hard to KO with anything. Admittedly SG Semi Flat has pretty poor defense compared to the metal changes, but compacts seem to do better against recoily stuff, (largely due to their concentrated weight), and not only is the AR recoily, but the base doesn't have great recoil handling, so 50/50 is not that bad. A lot of AR's only shine once they're put on a tip that can handle their recoil - Dark Wing and Triple Attacker (or w/e BK's is) are examples of this.
If you say so Th!nk.
That's actually by far my favourite compact setup, btw. I mean, I didn't plan to use them much but it really has been impressing me a lot, the life after death Defense Ring and Customize Change give it makes it fairly effective against wolborg 4, I'm learning the ins and outs of the tip pretty well, and well, it's about 6g heavier than a standard driger s + 10 heavy+hmc, and only about 3g short of my weight based defender (Smash Turtle/10 Heavy/HMC/SG Metal Ball (2 sets)), though that does get a bit larger if I use Mirage Goddess, I still prefer smash turtle atm. Though, both the weight based defender and my compact use 16.4g 10 Heavies, my others range from 15.7-16.1g, usually around 15.9g.
The extra height is more than compensated for by the weight gain from the base and SP and the defense defense ring provides, and the base being slightly less stable is compensated for by defense rings LAD. All in all it's a damned pain to move, and much better at withstanding destabilising hits than other compacts.
So, I was experimenting with my Burning Kerberous and its combo abilities. Obviously, its attack ring is outclassed (Though, it was never good to begin with). But I think the SP are overlooked (Cross Attack, correct?). They're small, jagged things; but I think if combined with the right parts they can be useful. For example, put them on a taller base like Switch Metal Ball Base (It's a bad base, but bear with me) from Draciel V2. Add a compact attack ring (Tiger Defense or maybe War Lion) and weight disk (Maybe 6 heavy?), and boom! A somewhat decent idea for using Cross Attack. Maybe a workable idea?

In my opinion, anyways. Your thoughts?