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Metal Masters was pretty good. I mean, there were some dodgy ones in all of them (pf wolborg y u no blue).

As a kid, I hated all the recolours. I wanted the beys I'd seen in the anime. Or black beys, those were cool. But yeah, anime.

I looked at hyperblades and was like "What. The. carp. Are. You. DOING?!?!??!?"
I wish that hasbro made more recolors for rarer beyblades aswell though.Like I wanted so see habsro doing something with cyber dragooon.
Metal Master Cyber Dragoon would have been awesome, actually.

Speaking of black dranzer (and also dark dranzer), I hope someone uploads a high-res scan of the bit chip eventually, I really want both of the bitchips, haha.
I love dark dranzer's BC. Personally, it's one of my favorites Tongue_out. If my printer doesn't scanner doesn't hate me today, I can try.
Oooh, please do. In a reasonably high resolution would be lovely Smile
Nice to see there are a thread to discuss plastic and hopefully there are more and more people know
about this kind of beyblade Grin

For the strongest plastic beyblade, I guess it's so hard to say there is definitely one beyblade override all others.
But here is some good choices:
Grip Attacker <- there is almost everyone wants it Grin
Driger S <- which is very powerful
Master series <- Most of them are hard to defeat
And the classic-- Burning Kerbecs

And for hms, there are no doubt the Wolborg ms and the DEMS which rules!

@th!nk You can get the bit chip sticker of black dranzer from the anime as well. There are a few screenshots which show the bitchip sticker clearly.

Speaking of black dranzer, it was my first legal bey(the gaia dragoon v i had was apparently a fake one as it came with a normal sg and plastic tip). So it is my second favorite. I just hope that whosoever wins an nib black dranzer from ebay scans its sticker sheet.
There aren't any really good images of it from there, and it doesn't look right.

The NIB one is hasbro, isn't it? Pretty sure that just comes with a normal Dranzer F sticker, don't think hasbro ever released the black dranzer sticker.

@wwqyang: Yeah, it's really taken off nicely. Glad to see you here, and I definitely agree on those recommendations being quite solid (though, Master Driger is a pretty terrible beyblade, the rest of the master series are good or great).
So I got my first plastic bey, Dragoon S, and I must say the system is quite impressive!

You can choose spin direction
You can choose the weight
You can choose the attack ring
And you can choose the base

Everything is actually needed for performance!!!

So can someone explain the general terms for the parts?
Has the general terms.
Has part names.

Oh, and remember guys, there's a plastics Q&A thread now, for all plastics questions (including purchcase consultation, pricing, combinations, etc), there's a link in my signature below Smile
My black dranzer from hasbro which i had almost 3-4 years ago did have a bitchip sticker of black dranzer itself. I am very sure that it was a hasbro one and i liked its finish and sticker as much as gaia dragoon v(This thread will soon be spammed with gaia dragoon v and dragoon v2 Tongue_out).
Really? Gasp Gasp Gasp Gasp Gasp Gasp Gasp Gasp Gasp

Well, whoever wins that auction had better scan the sheet. Or just the bit chip, that works perfectly fine, you know Tongue_out
don't forget i nearly owned every plastic beyblades Grin

Here is the photo for black dranzer and hopefully it's clear enough.

[Image: IMG_2059.jpg]
That's beautiful, but I don't think it's going to be high enough resolution to print off in good quality. Thank you though Smile

I didn't know you were such a huge fan of them, haha, I only ever hear about you being an excellent seller, from everyone Smile
And yes, Hasbro had released black dranzer as a booster. The RC is green instead of red as Takara's.
This is anothet confusing thing... IIRC Mine came with the green tips but it included a ripcord and launcher too...
Actually, did hasbro release boosters at all? I thought they only sold starters?
I can confirm that for a while at least the hasbro one did have the correct bit chip sticker.
I wish i could Crying .... I dont have any of my old plastics anymore Crying Crying... All of them are lost somewhere or maybe given away...

Am I the only one who likes Hyperblades? They look so cool when they spin.
Also as far as Hasbro recolors go I have a mint PF Wolborg with the sticker sheet intact that I'll sell reasonably cheap.

One recolor I'll never sell is my Icy White BBA Championship Wing Defenser <3
I like hyperblade galzzly but other than that, not really. I've only got that and hyperblade Master Dranzer (still have the box, but it's assembled).

Mm, that's a pretty recolour.

Oh, I got my takara Beyblade Spin Up Book. It has a bunch of crazy customizations in it including a different setup for 4 balls in mbd (which is easy, just put two in the holes either side of the tip, they stay nicely yet are easy to remove, and you could manage 6 like this), it also points out the holes in ACB base and Grip Base can fit balls (though they are significantly harder to remove, I've done it before with grip base, I had to loosen the tip and launch it to get one to fly out.)
The most interesting one (and actually the reason I bought the book) is storm grip with an upside down tip (which is impossible without adhesives of some kind (glue/blut-tac) but blader dj looks pretty darned impressed by it), apparently that was as an antidote to the fast wear of the tip (it actually makes for an insanely fast, powerful, and hard to control attack base, haha). I'll try and scan it later on, and upload it somewhere or other.

Also a whole bunch of stuff swapping rollers, wings, and bound parts. Apparently the bound SAR's were fragile because you could actually break them apart and put them back together, but still, wings snapping off like they did, seems dumb, but then, I guess if you have a couple of broken ones you could Frankenstein a whole one together or something.

As I said, I will try to scan the whole book, hopefully the publisher won't mind, but yeah.

Oh, it looks like it originally came with a red Auto Change Balancer, at least, there's one pictured on the cover and stuff, but I could be completely wrong.

They released 4 of these, as far as I can tell, I have volume one (which has all the numbers series (inc. Driger S/Dragoon S). Volume 4 Contains the V2 Series and is very hard to find, Volumes 2 and 3, I forget what they cover, but they're still available and I might pick them up when I can spare the cash, because despite being in japanese, the presentation is nice and very unique to someone like me who has had limited exposure to similar literature, and I would frankly love to own more, and see what they did in later books.

I'd actually love to see some of these modifications legal, though perhaps not the ones that result in permanent mutilation such as an "always sharp" ACB mod which involves cutting off the clutch part. But things like the dragoon S upside down tip and even one without a tip, and other tip swapping stuff that was apparently legal (not sure if this book covers it), though, I honestly doubt this book is going to change our rules. It'd be cool though, and add a whole new level to the game.

Some of them are straight up normal customisations, too. Also, apparently Knight Dranzer's AR was actually good when it was released (not from this guide, but from what I've heard from a couple of people around back then).

There are also a weird weight disk that I don't recognise, it looks like a thicker Wide Survivor, but it's not a bearing gyro WD. As I said, there's some crazy stuff.

There's also some info on older accessories and stadiums, so that should be nice Smile
Honestly, I was shocked how long it took them to realise "hey, let's put a ridge in". I expected it to be a relatively early design feature.

They had some crazy launchers too, and the rules allowed crazy (and awesome) modifications.

There's some really odd stuff in this book. I really have to do those scans as soon as I can...