Plastic and HMS Work list #2

Just took a quick glance at the Plastic combos thread. There isnt much, but some progress has been made, but it is mostly th!nk and yourself.

Because I am not an expert on plastics meta, if you could provide me a list you or th!nk consider "high priority" I will list them as such.
Sure i'll try and do that some time today.
high priority: PLASTICS/HMS FO LYFE!


Seriously though, I'm working on a lot of things already, lots of half-finished drafts lying around waiting for me to finish, I'm just a liiiiiiiiittle distracted with music stuff right now.

If ultra writes up a list I'll argue and stuff to get things added, against the nonexistent opposition I just presume will pounce on me at any moment of weakness.
It is good to see people actualy dedicated to this. Back when I 1st joined the site here (back when I had an existant work ethic Tired) no one could give a carp about plastics. It was actualy depressing. I was always told that "MFB is the priority." Because it is current? Because that statement rhymes? The fact is Plastics and HMS was mainstream at one point in time, so catching up to present day should be considered high priority as well. If it wasnt considered counter productive, I would list all missing beys, Plastics, HMS, and MFB alike, as high priority.

I would also want to cry everytime I was told that "bad beys dont need articles" I dont think I need to explain now insanly idiotic that is.

When I get home in a few hours, and if the 2 of you have some kind of priority list set up, I will begin to reconstruct the missing beys list. I will make sure to divide it up into the following sections: High Priority (HMS h Plastics), Plastics, HMS, Drafts Currently in Progress.
Alright, I have been off a little while, and saw this draft was up again, so I fully intend to live up to the promise I made to leon. I think I made most of the changes, if I missed something, just shoot me a PM or whatever.
leon: Yeah, it's a shame, because a lot of the people who wrote good plastic/HMS articles/had the knowledge have now left, and it's up to the limited number of people who remain to finish off the huge amount of work still to be done.

Plenty of people are capable of writing great MFB articles, which, let's be honest, is the main reason I don't write many MFB articles; others can do so well enough, while plastics needs all the help it can get. I'm sure Kei and such would prefer it if we wrote MFB, that being the target, but I don't want to let it slip any further, while we're here, and can try to prevent the failing of the long term target of completion, I'd rather see that than have a couple of extra articles up that will need to be updated in future as the metagame changes anyway.

Also "I would also want to cry everytime I was told that "bad beys dont need articles" I dont think I need to explain now insanly idiotic that is."


Also "it's a bad part so no explanation or experimentation to find a way to use it is needed" is just as bad. Yep guys, Galzzly's AR is real bad, won't try to do anything with that, it'd just suck. Would never end up being part of the most violent attack AR setup. Nope. Serious Griffolyon sucks, won't even bother legalising it. What? As good as triple wing? Naaahhhhh. Serious

The worst beys are the best ones to write about because if there really is no hope, everyone will happily tell you why it sucks, and most of the other parts are usually generic. No reason not to do it if you can, honestly, just make sure you investigate every possible thing. It's just a matter of ACTUALLY trying it and giving it a chance in everything you can.

For the priority list, the remaining HMS articles (circle wide, circle heavy, Dranzer MF, Aero Knight) (nocto has an awesome draft up for DZMS and Circle Balance within it), should be the top because we're so close to completing HMS I can taste it. I also have a Circle Wide draft almost done that I'll finish and post once I actually have mine.

I'm currently, off the top of my head, working on rewrites of Burning Kerberous, Ariel 2, Gabriel, Gaia Dragoon V (the AR section just needs to have that combo from the galzzly article included/taken into account), White Gabriel G (already done most of that, because the parts are almost all generic), Flame Pegasus, Ariel/Wolborg 03, Wolborg 4, and an "Attack WD's" article. Also working on a OHKO article, yeah.

I will probably end up doing Cyber Dragoon (because there are loads of misconceptions about the AR), Zeus (will need help with the CEW), Master/Kid Draciel and Gaia Dragoon too. Also almost done that Hasbro EG Releases Article (looks like the dark green metal driger came with customize eg, and the "Solid Metal Core" thing was just an early copy before hasbro decided "nah won't release the best sg part ever")

The higher priorities may be based on the top tier list which I'm almost done with, I just need some time to fix a couple of things and format it. I'd say things like Master Draciel, Gaia Dragoon, Zeus, Ariel 2, Gabriel, White Gabriel G, Wide Survivor and Wolborg 4, off the top of my head, as well as Master Dranzer (which Ultra is waiting on me to do some testing for), Blizzard Orthrus, Appolon, Venus.

A bunch of things can be pieced together from other articles once they're done, Cyber Dragoon Battle Spec and most hasbro engine gear beys can be pieced together like that real easy once the Takara component beys are done.

I have lists of most of this stuff around, haha.
Poseidon: I think we are just going to go back to the original list. Your edit yesteday didnt make any of the changes we wanted for the list. However, please continue to help in our efforts. I know your intentions were good but this thread didn't needed to be made.

@th!nk: I completely agree. Even more than just finding uses for wrongfuly labeled "bad" parts, if something sucks, a reason needs to be given. "Dark sucks because Dark is bad, therefore Dark sucks" is a logical fallacy. Some people are just told a certain thing from the get-go, and then thry repeat that to others, and relativly quickly, the initial meaning, purpose, or explination is lost.

Today durring lunch I will bump the original missing beys list with all the new updates.
I'll stay out of this and let you two sort it out, haha.

Just play nicely, guys Wink
I will keep to my promise, what basically happened was this thread was dead, so updating it would be useless since people weren't actually viewing it. I was taking a small hiatus and there was posts. Like I said I fully intend to live to the promise.
First no one wants it now everyone wants it.

We're all such territorial beasties, haha <3

Anyways, if you two want to discuss it via PM and tell the rest of us the result when you guys work it out, it'd be cool and probably a better way to do it :3
Poseidon: PM me when you get the chance. I an sure there is a solution we can both agree on Smile