Phantom Discussion

(Feb. 02, 2012  10:20 PM)pepsikola Wrote:
(Feb. 02, 2012  10:05 PM)ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Wrote: Really, from personal experience, I'd reccommend just an OOTB Phantom Orion. BGrin allows Phanom to remain unphased by the ridges in any Hasbro stadium.

The advantage is so unfair, it's like Atticus Finch.
Dude, Atticus didn't like unfair advantages...

When hunting, that is.

Should've clarified, sorry 'bout that!
Could you please do a comparison, Phantom Bull GB145WD in all positions (Attack, Stamina, Defense)
Compared to Phantom Bull BD145CS, i'm assuming the second will do far better. Both with MF-H if possible.

Also, would you be able to try it with an Aquario and Cancer wheel?
No. Never.
You are lucky that th!nk ain't reading this for the moment...
GB145WD is rubbish. Please do not even expect that to win. Its very very bad.
Also, Phantom ain't a decent Defense wheel. So, even the other combo might not do much. Smile

Please take care next time. GB145+WD= Disaster. Smile
He's not so lucky, but lucky enough that you got there first.
Honestly, I don't mind if someone tries it, just so I can rub in the point further: GB145WD IS BAD AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD EVERY TIME YOU STRING THOSE SEVEN CHARACTERS TOGETHER.

GB145: Oval Weight Distribution = Sucky Stamina
WD: Low Friction = Sucky Defense

All the defensive ability in the world doesn't matter on WD, so there is literally no point to using it, and as we've already established, its weight distribution is bad, so stamina is out the window.

It's just mindblowing how many times I've had to say it, honestly...
Thankyou for explaining. I'm going to accept the criticism, could you recommend something else? I hate how everyone says "Use BD" I might try Change Height, I heard Phantom spins relatively well on RF, reckon it could be the next Virgo balance combo?
Infact, could you try this combo in all areas for somebody that has the parts?

MF-H Phantom Aquario CH120RRF, cheers.
I tested MF Phantom CH120RF for Attack somewhere here awhile ago; it didn't do too well...

Phantom needs to make MW-to-MW contact for it to be effective in an Attack custom. The combo might work okay in an Anti-Meta sort of way, but it would have a terrible time out-spinning any Defense custom, even it it's on a rubber-based tip.
With things like duo and death having better stamina than basalt, not to mention Scythe BD145RS being usable, even the best Phantom attack combination struggles now, because it can't outspin or KO these things like it can basalt.
@_@ ..wait, so the variable tracks,tips, CW, modes and popular combos for phantom are??(in detail please, I understand that phantom Aquario/cancer TH170 D and MF-F phantom ___AD145 RF are popular)
The stamina ones are on the tier list and are like any other stamina wheel. Phantom Orion B: D sees a lot of tournament use because it's pretty good out of the box.
The Attack combination ALWAYS uses Cancer, don't do the _____ thing with it, but yeah, it's not really that popular.

There are balance combinations, they vary widely. TH170CS is pretty popular/good, but there's a lot of variation in facebolt choice and not much testing.
Thanks th!nk, for once I don't see you grumpy haha. So the CW is pretty much up to personal choice and the situation,am I right?
I'm marginally less grouchy when I'm not confronted by repeated puns based on my username Tongue_out_wink

Cancer is basically always the clear wheel of choice for Phantom, they seem to work really well together for whatever reason, and Cancer is a good CW all around. Sorry if I wasn't clear about it in my first response.
It's okay, hehe. Your username it's just too good too work with,especially with my self-called 'good sense of humor'. I love th!nking like th!nk. This is one you cannot stop th!nking about!(feel free to go into a fury) î„›
(Sep. 23, 2011  9:44 PM)BeybladeStation Wrote: You beat me to this. Oh man.

Phantom is KILLING Scythe here, I am baffled! How long is the OS? Also, which mode do you feel has more recoil or Attack Potential?

Phantom is epic! he can kill scythe, basalt or diablo any dayStupid
That post is over a year old, dude.
You unnecessarily revived an old thread...
Can someone test MF-H Phantom Aquario BD145MB vs Flash Orion H145R2F for me?
Another mini-necrooooo

Cryptic, I'm almost 100% sure Flash would win most of the time since Phantom is light-ish and recoil-y and MB has such little defense. Sure, it is on BD145, but we're talking about Flash here.

This is just a gut feeling, though, so if someone wants to do official tests, go for it Grin
Maybe MF-H Phantom Cancer E230CS vs Flash?