Performance Tip- Zephyr

(Jun. 19, 2017  3:44 AM)Ninja Blader Wrote: Yes it is but Deathsyther is banned from WBO tournaments and also Deathsyther Spread Zephyr is a decent combo:)

yea and after deathscyther none of the new stamina layers have been tested as a staller maybe bR,Unicorn ( TT), driger S and chaos would be good but hasbro yegdrion, kerbeus and unicrest are good at stalling.
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i heard zephyr is fragile but someone who owns should confirm this.
(Jun. 30, 2017  6:02 PM)Rebel Blader Wrote: i heard zephyr is fragile but someone who owns should confirm this.

From my experience, it definitely isn't
(Jun. 30, 2017  6:13 PM)Mage Wrote:
(Jun. 30, 2017  6:02 PM)Rebel Blader Wrote: i heard zephyr is fragile but someone who owns should confirm this.

From my experience, it definitely isn't

Mine caved inward after just a few battles... Attribute to that the nature of Bursts and the fact that parts fly out in all directions if you want, but it is definitely not invincible.
Quote:'''Zephyr''' is a Driver released as part of the  Beyblade Burst System. It debuted with the release of B-28 Neptune Armed Zephyr on January 23rd, 2016.
Zephyr features a flat tip made of plastic with a hole in its centre akin to the Hole Flat performence tip from the Metal Fight saga. A stylized letter "Z" is embossed on the top of the 
Performance Tip for easy differentiation. Due to the hole in the centre Zephyr has less friction with the stadium floor compared to other attack drivers such as Hunter or Extreme while this decrease in friction means it has more stamina than the aforementioned Drivers.But due to this decrease of friction it is slower than the aforementioned Drivers. 
When launched straight the Zephyr Performance Tip moves aggressively around the 
BeyStadium, riding the tornado ridge. It gradually moves towards the center as its velocity decreases. When launched with the sliding shoot method Zephyr Driver has a hard time maintaining the flower pattern but it can move through the centre of the stadium several times at high spin velocity.Despite this, the attack power of the Zephyr is less than the Extreme or Hunter Driver. But it compensates this by providing more Stamina, allowing for more hits. Which can be beneficial for some situations. Zephyr was once a Top-Tier Performance Tip for Mixed Attack Customization however with the release of Performance Tip Destroy, Zephyr's use in all Kinds of Customization has been oblirated as the latter offers similar prperties while also providng higher precession allowing the Customization using it to perform much better against ooposite-spin oponents. While outclassed Zephyr can still be used for Attack Customizations in absence of better Performance Tips such as Destroy and Iron. 
==Use in Attack customization==
Zephyr can be used in Attack customization Twin Nemesis 2/4/7/5 Glaive/Cross/Meteor/Star Zephyr.The heavy weight and aggressive shape of Twin Nemesis combined with the heavy weight of 2/4/7/5 Glaive/Cross/Meteor/Star can provide powerful hits while the higher stamina of Zephyr Driver compared to other Attack-Oriented Drivers, which combined with Twin Nemesis's own high stamina and unique destabilizing properties ,provides more hits and allows the Customization to outspin the opponent if a burst or KO is not achieve. 

Zephyr was once the best Driver for Mobile stamina types but, due to the introduction of left spin in Standard format, Mobile Stamina customizations are no longer useful for competitive play.With that being said,its still a viable Driver for Attack but it is overshadowed by drivers like Xtreme and Destroy. Although not a must-have but Zephyr is a welcome addition to a blader's collection.
==Differences in Hasbro Version==
The Hasbro version of Zephyr,like all other Hasbro Drivers can only be used with Hasbro Energy Layers.The Hasbro version of Zephyr feature a slight increase in the diameter of the tip,this means it has more speed and attack potential than its Takara Tomy variant but less stamina.Although,the difference in their performence is negligible. Just like its Takara-Tomy counter-part the Haasbro release of Zephyr is outclassed and should only be used in absence of better Performance Tips.

==Use in Attack Customization==
Zephyr can be used in Attack Customization Legend Spryzen 0/7/4/5/2 Glaive/Meteor/Star/Cross Zephyr.The aggressive shape of Legend Spryzen provide powerful hits and the high stamina of Zephyr allow for more hits increasing chances of a Burst or Over finish, if this Customization fails to KO the opponent.
-It is reported that the Takara-Tomy version of Zephyr driver gets Damaged with harsh usage.
-Zephyr is the burst version of performance tip Hole flat from Metal Fight Saga.
==Product list==
  • B-28 Neptune Armed Zephyr (translucent orange red)
  • Corocoro Limited Driver (gold)
  • Platinum Driver (clear)
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Ur took alot of hardwork to make this draft it due to bad internet connection.still i think some one with more experience should check this draft.