[PLA] Hammer Tusk Discussion

So according to th!nk the WBO doesn't have any data on Hammer Tusk (the Rushing Boar AR). I actually have a Rushing Boar so I decided to do some tests on the AR. Stars and geetster99 have also had success with it in the past, and with HMS/Plastics Remembrance Day 2015 coming up this may or may not be useful information.

(Mar. 23, 2014  1:55 PM)th!nk Wrote: @Rushing Boar thing: Wait a stock rushing boar or??? We have no data on the AR so any info at all you can provide would be really, really good!!!

Maximum Diameter: 560mm
Minimum Diameter: 440mm
Maximum Height/Thickness: 7.5mm
Minimum Height/Thickness: 2mm
Weight (w/Bit Chip): 6.12 grams
Weight (w/o Bit Chip): 5.27 grams

Plastics Launchers (2 Right Spin & 1 Left Spin)
1 Dragon Winder & 1 long MFB Winder
Circle Survivor/Right Spin Stamina combos alternating launch every round
Customize Grip Base is pretty worn, I have SG Grip Base but don't want to risk breaking it
Customize Bearing Base is unusually aggressive (like a bad EWD) and self-KOs sometimes.

Circle Survivor (Click to View)

Right Spin Stamina (Click to View)

Benchmarks (Click to View)

Thoughts: It's no good for Left Spin Attack, and although 25% and 35% are relatively close only one of Hammer Tusk's wins was by KO, the rest was where it beat up Circle Survivor so much it fell over (a more common occurrence in Plastics than MFB). It's OK for Right Spin Stamina, though War Saucer outperforms it (Tiger Defenser and Twin Horn probably will too, but I don't have those). Right Spin Stamina's win rate for both War Saucer and Hammer Tusk probably would have been higher too if my CBB wasn't so aggressive. Hammer Tusk is not good for Circle Survivor either, even though its performance against Right Spin Stamina was only slightly worse than War Saucer the tusks take too much recoil and Griffolyon got a positive win rate on it. It's more or less what I expected: a melancholy Defense/Stamina AR that can't do anything better than more conventional options.

Limitations: I don't own any Tornado Stadiums so I had to test in the BB-10. But since most Plastics tournaments are held there anyways it's still relevant for the most part. I only have 1 Wide Defense WD so I had to sub in 10 Balance when appropriate, and I have no Plastics grips and only 1 Dragon Winder so I used a long MFB Winder instead (I think they're the same length). I couldn't do Attack vs. Zombie matchups because I only have 1 Customize Grip Base (I have SG Grip Base too but I don't want to risk breaking it). Thinking back I could have done Circle Survivor vs. Zombie matchups but I don't think Hammer Tusk would have outperformed War Saucer seeing how they both fared against Right Spin Stamina.
It doesn't seem very useful at all. I'd never see this usable in Endurance combos, but potentially a somewhat...not...great Ring for Attack Combos?
I'm not even sure I knew this Beyblade existed in real life before. Whoa.
(Jul. 27, 2015  6:57 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: I'm not even sure I knew this Beyblade existed in real life before. Whoa.

It's...a bit under the radar. I haven't seen one online in a while.
I'm necroing a year old thread, rip.

I've been testing Hammer Tusk informally and I've had a lot of luck with the following:
AR: Hammer Tusk
WD: Wide Survivor
SG: Left SG
SG Shaft: Bearing Version 2 Shaft (Wolb2)
SP: Survivor Ring (Dark Blades)
BB: Customize Grip Base (Drag V2)

You could probably go with using BK casings, Neo-Left etc. but I'm slightly lazy.
I tried it in Attack customs, it was not really passable. I tried weight defense, but it had balance problems though it could take a beating, so I went onto this combo which allows it to not get OS by hard hits. I have Tornado Attack as well so maybe that helps?
Anyway if there's interest I'll put up some tests and hopefully get some others to try it so we figure out if it's not just me!
Here I go, necro'ing an old thread again!

I revisited Hammer Tusk because I thought it worked best at taller heights. I posted this in the CCL thread, but I'm also bumping this thread in case others feel like coming forward with their own testing. I don't think we gave it a fair shake the first time around, especially since nobody tried Defense Grip Base at the time. Also open to taking requests.
So, firstly, determining the legitimacy of an Attack beyblade based on how it does against Circle Survivor is just not wise, as we've come to learn. In the 6 years since this thread was made, nothing can reliably put a dent in Circle Survivor, save for maybe Dark Wing and other ARs that have their contact points high up, sort of like Triple Wing vs. Triple Tiger. Even then, its dicey, and Dark Wing isn't sweeping it. Th!nk opted to test against a particular compact when it comes to wetting an AR's feet in the Attack category, I assume this is to give us a better understanding of how good a certain AR (or whole setup) can be when it isn't fighting an absolute titan like Circle Survivor. it is a more honest look. Still, while this is a good start, it isn't comprehensive testing of every possible matchup, hence me taking requests of other types of combos you'd like to see Hammer Tusk go up against. I think Hammer Tusk is a perfectly fine Attack AR. It isn't incredibly explosive at all times, but it is pretty good.

Now, onto the testing itself.
The combo I used was:
AR: Hammer Tusk
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Neo Left
BB: Defense Grip Base (tip inverted)

The combo I used to see what Hammer Tusk could do was:
AR: Tiger Defenser
WD: 10 Heavy
WD: Neo Right (HMC)
BB: SG Metal Ball Base (4 Metal Balls)

Just to be thorough, this was done in a Tornado Attack like all my other plastics testing.

Here are the results (Click to View)
Tusk Wins: 14/20 (4 OS, 11 KO)
Hammer Tusk WR - 70%

Hammer Tusk was able to OS this compact fairly reliably, in part because it was hitting the compact quite hard into walls if it wasn't KO'ing it, but also because its design isn't so violent that it just rolls over and dies when hit at low spin. It can stay alive for a lot longer than you'd expect. Being in left spin helped too, of course.
4 OS is juicy, and that's a really respectable result. Honestly excited to get my hands on my own! Thanks man!
Yea, I have a feeling if no one has posted here since 2016 there is a lack of interest beyond us lol. But for sure, I found the OS'ing to be weird, didn't expect it to manage to hang on so long, so we'll see if you also have that experience too.