PA Tournament Report: Insert Clever Name Here...

The Tournament:
With 11 players, we ended up doing round robin, so everyone had to battle each other once so we had to play no less than eleven rounds! 
During the tournament, the diversity in everyone's combos surprised me. For example, Kmuller got to the finals exclusively using Basalt Horogium 145 WD. I spammed Balro Dragoon SA165 EWD and ended up going 10-0 in 11 rounds. The only troubles I ran into in the first stage was NateDogPhilly's Killerken_____ BGrin and Kmuller's Basalt Horogium 145 WD surprisingly! We tied a few times before I adjusted my launch power and was able to win the match 3-0. 

The most tense moment for me in the first stage was my match against NateDogPhilly. I opened with a lucky KO because of my EWD moving around and uppercutting BGrin, then we tied about three times before I outspun him once. Tied about twice more before he outspun me by a rotation or two. Tied a few more times before I outspun him to win the match.

I used Duo Cygnus TH170 TB for a few matches, but it did not seem at all as dominant as Genbu Dragoon SA165 EWD. 

Overall, I used my Dragoon combo almost exclusively in the first stage and it won 28-30 rounds in total. No one else tried to use BGrin(except for NateDogPhilly) or another left spin combo to counter it. This would only become more evident in the finals. 

The Finals:
In the finals, I was put up against Camonney. I knew that Duo Cygnus TH170 TB could take his entire deck(Deck list posted below), so I built my own accordingly. I quickly racked up a 2-0 lead, but then he pulled off a crazy KO to tie the match. I switched to Death Hades BD145 CS for fear of getting KOed again and was able to win the match 5-2.

In the final, I was pitted against Common Pickle who probably had the best coverage out of everyone I faced today. I believe he used Reviser Balro E230 WD. I outspun him twice before he switched to Burn Leone 145 TB. I switched to Flash Hades H145 RF to KO him and put me up 4-0. He switched back to Balro for the outspin on Flash, than I switched back to Dragoon to finish the match 5-1. 

Final Thoughts:
 Overall, I was very pleased with my performance and how the tournament was run. I hope going 12-0 will save my Beyrank after going 3-3 in Double Standard last year! Thank you to everyone who came out on this cold February day to play MFB standard with us. This 11 person tournament was definitely a nice change of pace from the 60+ person tournaments we are used to with Beyblade Burst!

Winning Combos:

1st: Ardmore Bladers
Genbu Dragoon SA165 EWD
Duo Cygnus TH170 TB
(Deck Format Finals Only) Death Hades BD145 CS
(Deck Format Finals Only) Flash Hades H125 RF

2nd: Common Pickle
Duo Cygnus TH170 TB
Genbu Dragoon SA165 EWD
(Deck Format Finals Only) Balro Reviser E230 WD
(Deck Format Finals Only) Burn Leone 145 TB

3rd: Kmuller
Basalt Horogium 145 WD
(Deck Format Finals Only) Flash Sagittario 230 WD