Original Metal Draciel Found In The Wild For £1.75

How's it going Beyblade Fans,

Let me tell you where I stand on Beyblade before I get into my story. I was a big fan of the original series of Beyblade, I had a bunch of them. I watched the cartoon, played it in the playground with my friends, it was a great time! Unlike a lot of my hobbies I never really suck with Beyblade, when the Metal ones came out I was in college, my younger cousin got into it and I bought a few (that I still have around) to play with him! It was still really fun but for me, not quite the same! I felt like a lot of these metal ones were ugly and didn't have the same popping colours, character or even gimmicks as the old Beyblades! I think my cousin still dabbles in it here and there but I've not really seen them mine in a while. 

So, onto the story, I check a lot of charity shops (I think they're called Thrift Shops overseas?) and in my local one I happened to come across this beautiful box. I couldn't believe my eyes, the nostalgia smacked me right on the face instantly. Seeing Max looking so cheerful on the box, instantly remembering all his great Beyblade matches. The Bit Beast (if that's what they were called?) staring back at me telling me "oh, you know you're going to buy me". This is one seriously well designed flashy box that could entice just about anyone to buy into it! 

...and I did! I took it home and opened it up and to my surprise it was completely sealed! I was absolutely thrilled! I started making it straight away, it's funny now this part seemed like a chore back then; but it ended up being one of the parts I missed the most when it came to these newer ones! Even this Beyblade had it's own little gimmick with the ball bearings going into the base to make it bulkier. I got the box with the Beyblade in it sitting on my shelf now, forever reminding me of one of the greatest times of my childhood. 

So, why did I find a Beyblade community like this to post this in? Mostly because I'm curious as to what fans that are still fans today think of these older Beyblades compared to the newer ones, if people still play with them or are they just a product of the past. I also want to see what a community like this thinks of a story like that, maybe these things are easy to come by so it's not as exciting as I thought! Ether way, I'd love to stick around for a while as I've got plenty I'd love to discuss and find out, new and old!

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(Nov. 26, 2017  8:30 PM)aggregor941 Wrote: Enjoy it!

Thanks man! After writing this I looked under my bed and dug out 3 other Beyblades! I may have to give them a whirl with someone at some point, haha! 

What kind of Beyblades do you have? Do you like the more modern ones or the maybe a bit of both?
Way to go ! Nice find

Anyone who has watched the first gen anime will still remember and love these.

Where did you find the Draciel ( country ? )
(Nov. 27, 2017  7:39 AM)aggregor941 Wrote: I have Burst and MFB, no OG

Ohh wow! It'll have to look into these sets... or Beyblades. Some of them might be the metal ones I already have! I should really dig them out!

(Nov. 27, 2017  8:12 AM)ashton pinto Wrote: Way to go ! Nice find

Anyone who has watched the first gen anime will still remember and love these.

Where did you find the Draciel ( country ? )

Thanks man! I'd really love it if some of the new ones made references to some of the older ones, are there any like that?

I'm located in the UK! Which is also why I was shocked to see it as I know these things never get quite as popular as they do overseas!
There are some Burst Beys that are similar to the older ones. Draciel, Dragoon Dranzer and Driger
Here - https://worldbeyblade.org/Thread-Dragoon...lade-Burst