Omega Dragonis 85XF

Quote:Omega Dragonis 85XF was released with the “Strongest Dragonis 4D Guide”, a special edition of the Japanese magazine, CoroCoro. A typographical error on the box labels the Beyblade as “Omega Dragonis 85WF”

Face: Dragonis
Weight: 1.08 grams
Dragonis depicts a horned dragon's upper body and head, with a wing spread and its claws raised.

Clear Wheel: Dragonis:
Weight: 2.87 grams
Dragonis features two daggers with curved blades and engraved with tribal designs. To each dagger is attached a chain whip made of diamonds. The whip represents Dragonis’ tail, while the dagger may represent its horn, its fangs or its claws.

Competitively, its light weight and its odd weight distribution make it an outclassed part.

4D Metal Wheel: Omega:
Weight: 37.83 grams
Omega is comprised of two parts; a Core and a Frame. It can switch between two modes, Assault and Barrage, by rotating the Frame on the Core.

Weight: 25.30 grams
The Core is composed of six protrusions. Three of them, each made to resemble three overlapping scales, are curved inward, and have a shallow slope. The other three, representing simplistic dragon talons, are blunt and cylindrical, but are overshadowed by the scale protrusions. The Core’s underside slightly overhangs the Track. It is also hollowed, hence its light weight.

Weight: 12.53 grams
The Frame consists of a simple metal ring with three wings. Two tabs of different widths, matching the sockets of the Core, are placed asymmetrically inside the Ring. This prevents the Frame from being used upside-down, as well as restricting the number of modes the Metal Wheel has.

Most of the stickers are meant to be applied on the Frame; three cartoon-like dragon heads on the wings; three tribal designs on the ring between the wings.

Assault Mode:
In Assault Mode, the Frame is positioned as to cover the gap between the talon and the scale protrusions.

Barrage Mode:
In Barrage Mode, the Frame completely covers the scale protrusions.

Omega is definitely shaped for Attack, but its design is not as extremely aggressive as other 4D Attack wheels like VariAres or Blitz. This has its advantages and disadvantages, but in Omega’s case, in the current Metagame, it brings mostly disadvantages.

The main advantage Omega has is its low recoil compared to the current top-tier Attack wheels. This gives the potential for a larger window for Knock-Out. However, it doesn’t have the Stamina to complement that attribute. It also does not possess the same raw Attack potential, or the weight, that the top-tier wheels have. This brings the main disadvantage; its opponents. Where the current Attack wheels have extremely aggressive shapes, the current Defense wheels are heavy and extremely circular, making Omega's modest protrusions less effective, and its light weight more detrimental.

The result is that standing between two extremes, Omega requires perfection, in both technique and power/strength, to be remotely effective. In a competitive environment, Flash, VariAres and Blitz are a much reliable choice.

Track: 85:
Weight: 0.86 gram
85 is the shortest Track available and the one generally preferred for Low Tracks Attack, Defense and Stamina customizations. In theory, such customizations offer many advantages; Attack-Types can more easily hit the underside of Metal Wheels, or hit directly at the Tracks and Bottoms, while Defense and Stamina benefits from a lower center of gravity, as well as reducing the chances of meaningful hits. The main disadvantage consists of increased chances of scraping on the Stadium floor.

Competitively however, Low Track customizations have fallen into disuse with the release of the Boost Disk 145 and 230 Tracks. The former (in Normal Mode) is basically immune to Low Track Attack, while the latter, being made of plastic and being so circular, is much more effective at absorbing hits and prevents opponents from latching onto it.

Bottom: Extreme Flat:
Weight: 0.68 gram
Extreme Flat is a large, plastic Flat tip with four small pieces of plastics spread evenly on the edge of its circumference. It is the widest plastic Flat bottom, as wide as Rubber Flat, and one of the fastest aggressive tip.

Contrasting Rubber Flat, Extreme Flat trades controllability and adherence/grip for speed and stamina. Indeed, Extreme Flat has a much harder time achieving and maintaining a flower pattern, often switching to tornado stalling under inexperienced hands.

Compared to Metal Flat, Extreme Flat retains its superior speed, while its width and material gives it the better grip. However, it still has inferior controllability. Difference in Stamina is the most complex comparison between these two Bottoms. Metal Flat is a taller Bottom, and its metal tip is smaller than Extreme Flat’s plastic tip, making it better in conventional, same-spin Stamina. On the other hand, Extreme Flat’s shorter height and wider tip allows for more precession, making it a better choice for the more unconventional spin-equalizing, where Metal Flat would just topple over at low rotational speed.

Overall, Extreme Flat can serve as a potent alternative to Rubber Flat, adding Stamina to your Attack. However, it is best used in left-spin customizations, where it can make full use of its combined Attack and spin-equalizing capabilities.

Omega Dragonis 85XF

Omega Dragonis 85XF is an interesting Beyblade, sharing more design similarities with the Metal or Hybrid-Wheel Systems than its own 4D System. However, Dragonis is essentially useless, Omega is unreliable, 85 is basically defunct and Extreme Flat can be found in lower-priced Beyblades. This considered, and due to the relative rarity of this Beyblade, it should only be considered for collection purposes.

I have done some testing, albeit with Metal Flat. I'm not the best Attack user, so the results may be competitively inconclusive (I'll still see about posting them later), but they helped me get the feel of how Omega works.

The thing this article still needs, beside combos, is an answer to which is the best mode. Kei says he finds Barrage to be better. I prefer Assault, because I find Barrage as a higher tendency to self-KO, but like I said, I use Metal Flat. Rubber Flat might take care of this issue, but I have none in working condition.

I may also have over-emphasized XF's abilities in left(opposite)-spin. I'll leave you to judge.

I also need to tweak a few sentences, but it's a start.
The paragraph right after the Barrage Mode section is rather poorly worded. The rest of the semi awkward wording is not terrible and can be the guy addressed at a later time

Just mention the similarities Omega shares with Lightning to further the effectivness of the written description. No other comments for now Smile
Maybe add a combo for 85 and XF?

"85 can be put to use in the top-tier stamina combination Phantom Cancer 85WD."

"XF can be put to use in the spin-stealer combination Meteo L Drago CH120XF."
- Removed this sentence:
Quote:Most of the stickers are meant to be applied on the Frame; three cartoon-like dragon heads on the wings; three tribal designs on the ring between the wings.

This sort of detail is unnecessary.

- Re-worded the Omega section a bit. The largest addition was a comparison to Lightning, which I feel is apt. I didn't touch the concluding paragraph, though; that was written perfectly.

- I wouldn't say that 85 is the Track "generally preferred for Low Tracks Attack". It would probably be 100, in my opinion. So, I've added this in:
Quote:Additionally, in the case of Attack customizations, 85 can be a slightly risky choice, as it increases your chances of scraping while attempting to bank or use the Sliding Shoot; as such, Tracks like 100 are generally chosen over 85.

- Changed the references to "Rubber Flat", "Extreme Flat", etc. to their abbreviated versions except for the first instance at the start of the XF section.

Other than that, I think this is ready! It would be nice to have a conclusive answer for "Which mode is better?", but it's good enough as it is right now. I still think Barrage Mode is better because:

Kei Wrote:As I suspected, Barrage Mode still ended up being slightly better. The set up of Barrage Mode is better than Assault Mode, I think. In Assault Mode, the protrusions/wings of the Metal Frame sit between both the rounded protrusion of the Core and the sloped one. In Barrage Mode, the wings of the Metal Frame sit directly on top of the sloped protrusions of the Core, allowing for a thicker, more concentrated attack point, rather than having it spread out like it is in Assault Mode.

Mind you, this is simply a hypothesis. I'd love to hear what other people think once they've experimented with both modes.

But it wouldn't be fair to force my opinion into this article if there is not sufficient testing from different users to back it up.
Wow i just realized Blitz Unicorno and Omega Dragonis have the same mode change names ( Barrage Mode, Assault Mode ). BTW nice writeing on the Omega Dragonis Draft its going pretty good, :0
A late response on my part, but better than never, I guess.

Kei Wrote:Other than that, I think this is ready!

Since there appears to be no objections.
Beywiki: Omega Dragonis 85XF

I've kept your edits, save a few things.
- I've added a note at the end of the 85 section to mention that 90 and 100 may be preferred depending on how much the wheel overhangs the track. That's what I do (when I build Low Track Customs, anyway) and I believe th!nk mentioned something similar, once, somewhere.
-I've also kept most of the lone "wheel(s)" in minuscules as to differentiate "wheel", a descriptive word, and "Wheel", a part in the Metal System.

I'm not quite sure how to qualify the L Drago custom for XF; I would go with Balance, since it is not devoid of Attack, and not really a straight-forward Spin Stealer, but others might disagree.
Awesome, you are finally back. And your custom Beywiki picture for the profile looks great.
It is about glad to see this article up. Thanks Nocto! Smile