Oct-23-2022: "Absolutely Smashing Turtle!" tournament reports

The following are words I have to say about "Absolutely Smashing Turtle!", a Plastics tournament using 1v1 format.

I recommend the following music for reading the report. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQB74sTqR7Q . I almost HAD to choose something by Fantastic Plastic Machine.

- We had 12 participants, 2 group round robin, so everyone got at least 5 matches and we had a total of 34 matches, with 2 for tiebreak.

- We started around 12:00. We were supposed to start around 11, but, eh. By 12 only like 5 people were there, so we waited. It went until about 2:20. 2 stadiums being run. They were idle a bit of the time, but sometimes you don't feel like rushing.

- I'm still recovering from Long COVID. I'm tired. But it was good to go to a tournament.

- The weather was not great. It was cloudly, and in the high 50s, so not bad with a jacket, but early on the wind and chill were kind of troublesome. I don't do wind so well right now. It settled down after a while.

- I don't know plastics that well. I bought a lot of plastics and I had done some research on them at PlasticsDB, but nothing tells you what works and what doesn't work like witnessing a tournament.

- I got some help from Angry Face, who loaned me a few parts. We came up with a reasonable combo using my attack layer and tips, but he did loan me a disc (Wide Defense), a right spin magnacore for a little more weight, and some extra balls for SG Metal Ball Base. That combo was Galleon Wide Defense SG Metal Ball Base (4 balls).

- It's a decent combo. It's got great weight to it, so if you launch aggressively enough it can KO other beys. That actually happened sometimes. It's got great defense. It's compact, and the stamina isn't amazing but it will outlast an attacker. I ended up going 2-3 with it.

- Plastics are a lot of fun but THEY BREAK, some parts more than others. Angry Face warned me that metal ball base was eventually going to break, and I guess it did in match 4. Had to switch to an SG Semi Flat base in round 5 so that certainly did not win. Plastics are cool, and fun, and they break.

- There are a lot more tips in Plastics that put up barriers at a low level to prevent other beys from getting close. I witnessed at least 4 kinds of these today, to include Circle Survivor, Jumping Base 2, and there were definitely others. MFB has E230 for that sort of thing, and Burst doesn't do it at all.

- I got to see the Gyro tip in action. That thing is wild. The only dual spin bey which you could change direction without disassembly. Very strange, and honestly I'm surprised it hasn't made a return in subsequent generations. Good stamina too.

- As I said before, I went 2-3. People with good stamina combos beat me. People with good attack combos beat me, it's defensive but attack can be very well done. I managed to hold my own, a little bit.

- You know what I DID see a lot of today doing really amazing? Manta. This isn't going to surprise those of you familiar with it, but to everyone else it might be news. Manta was apparently not all that popular at launch, and down the line people figured out it's a great attacker. And why not? Look at that shape. It reminds me of how Judgement used to kick butt in the GT era of Burst, but equally good in left and right. Shockingly good. And we had a bunch of Manta running around.

- I didn't make it to finals, but I stuck around to watch. liwfie 4th place, The Supreme One 3rd, Neo 2nd, and ICrazyEater 1st!

- I had fun at today's tournament, but my only viable combo broke, so if I want to do another Plastics tournament I have to get a little creative and get some more parts.

- I opted to skip the HMS tournament because 2 tournaments in one day is too much for me.

Plastics are like me; we're old and breaking! But still good for tournaments.
Shout out to the 6 year old who showed up on his birthday with his own plastic beys (and a dragoon shaved into his fade)
(Oct. 25, 2022  12:10 AM)Garishi Wrote: Shout out to the 6 year old who showed up on his birthday with his own plastic beys (and a dragoon shaved into his fade)