Nintendo Network IDs/Wi-Fi Connection Numbers

Okay, I want to brawl now guys.
Kei, I've already creep added you. Fox>>>>>>>>>Wolf. Wut!?



PM me if you want to Brawl!
Wii# 8626-1754-4864-2841
Name my mii ηι¢κ☆∞☆™
I added
s o L-Drago
eagle salt
and GreiMatter!
Who wants to "Kart" lol
hey everyone does any one have beyblade on ds
Just wanted to give my Fc for the sake of Giving FC Heres my FC For BRAWL 4469-3061-7462
Also Holding a Tournament if anyone interested just some additional Info
Brawl Code: 4511 5108 8979
Goldeneye007 code-0179 0238 6943
(Aug. 06, 2011  6:05 AM)Captain Caprii Wrote: How do i get my 3DS code @_@ this was the only place nintendo related that i can find to post it Joyful_3. my cousin has a wii ibeyblader ill ask him if he wants to play brawl with you guys sometime.....

yea so, can we post our 3DS ID here? only nintendo related stuff I could find as well....

Anyway, my FC is : 4554-0447-1789. Pm me if you add me so I can add you back Grin
for my 3DS my name is LinksOca.7 and the FC 2449-4721-7799
pm me if you want to be friends please
Can you post your DS and 3DS numbers?
(Jan. 02, 2012  9:35 AM)CosmicDestroyer Wrote: Can you post your DS and 3DS numbers?
yes, anything nintendo related and check the page proto man already answered that
does anyone want to meet up on pokemon platinum

here is my friend code
name Aaron
fc 2495-1337-3192
FC: 3823 8771 7715 5173
Brawl Code: 4726 6664 9418
Im online right now
Add me on 3DS

FC: 4382-2638-8215
Name: Gaby
(Aug. 29, 2012  7:42 PM)Bobmcdoogal Wrote: Add me on 3DS

FC: 4382-2638-8215
Name: Gaby

3ds fc is 1375-7435-1976
name Aaron
does anyone want to meet up on a 3ds game like mario kart 7 or something else
anyone up for a brawl battle?
SSBB: 4855-3849-2569
EDIT: this post will be constantly updated whether i'm online or offline. Currently, i'm barely discovering that the servers shut down...
Name: PWND4
Here's my Super Smash Bro's Brawl Number!: 0132-9494-3288! Name: KAI
Send me a PM if you wanna brawl.
my wii number is 4708 3116 4022 4584 PM me if you want to be friends with me!XD
My Wii number is 2247-9648-5771-2233
My Pokémon White Friend Code is: 2881-8394-5084, and my name is Duck. Please PM me before you add me to your Pal Pad. Thanks!
Can we do mario kart wii friend codes?
I know this thread was originally for Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Numbers, but I don't think it makes much sense to have a separate thread for both those, and Nintendo Network IDs, so I'm combining the two now.

I picked up a Wii U today, so please feel free to add me!: WingCross
Hey guys, add me!

3DS: 1977-1356-4384

I have my Pokemon FCs around somewhere, will add later.