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Name: Heaven Shattering Playground Conference
Date: April 17, 2011
Venue: Central Park South in Heckscher Playground
To get to Central Park south, you can take the R, N or Q train and get off at Fifth avenue and 59th street. Also, you can take the ABCD1 trains to 59th st. Columbus Circle

[Image: fef1xh.jpg]
[Image: 2vjy90g.jpg]

* Meet up at 59th St. Columbus Circle at 1:30pm underneath the giant globe.
* Head to Heckscher Playground to set up along with practice and free play at 2:00pm. Registration will take place at this time.
* Official tournament starts at 3:00pm

Like all official WBO tournaments, there will be a $5 entrance fee if you don't have a Blader's Passport. You can buy one at the tournament for $10. As you know it allows you to enter any tournament for the next year without paying the fee, as well as giving you the chance to participate in whatever contests or giveaways the WBO may offer.

So far the judges are ikmv, Armored00taku, and myself. As more people sign up I will seek out more judges. The format of the tournament depends on the number of entrants we get. I have stadiums as well as ikmv, but feel free to bring your own Takara Tomy stadiums. It's better to have more so that the free play runs smoothly. Also, I will pretty closely follow the time schedule set up, so please try to make it on time, if not early.

Additional Comments: I remind you all to be very mindful of your belongings. Let's have fun. The weather should be good around this time. Also, I don't care what any of you say. I like the name I chose! Also, somebody should totally make some awesome graphic for this event. ALSO, DO NOT SPAM THIS THREAD!

Cye Kinomiya
M L Drago
Cyber Dranzer
ultimate kcpj
Sol Pegasis
Pisces bey

Need-to-Know Information

1. During Registration, Open Your Account Page

Open your account page on your mobile device (if possible) during registration to help us keep things quick.

2. Arrive On Time

You must arrive by the tournament start time to enter. We cannot add new players to an event once it begins. If you're running late, contact the host.

3. Stay Aware of Your Belongings

We do everything possible to ensure a safe environment, but can't be held responsible for lost or stolen goods. Keep your gear close by!

4. The Tournament Will Last At Least a Few Hours

This event is likely to last at least a few hours. If you can't commit to the entire tournament, you're welcome to come watch and play for fun instead!

5. Listen For Your Username To Be Called

Your name will be called when it's time for your next battle. If you need to leave early or take a break, tell a judge. Missing a match could mean disqualification!

lol. y am i not on the list yet? Pinching_eyes_2' i said i was going about 2-3 weeks ago. Pinching_eyes_2'
You were but then I changed the date and so I restarted the list. I'll add you now.
You should take kira1 off since he is banned
Damn, furrilz? Like he's perm-banned? If he is, then yeah, probably should. If banned even until after this thing is done, but not permed....then yeah, still. But if banned until BEFORE this thing starts, then...probably not.
He's banned for Perma-ban evasion so he's not coming back.
Thank Deikailo!
...Even funnier. Maybe Cye should check who else on the list is banned. Just in case.
(Mar. 14, 2011  2:39 PM)Kaji Motomiya Wrote: ...Even funnier. Maybe Cye should check who else on the list is banned. Just in case.
it's a rare event that someone should end up on the ban list so he won't have to.
Count me in this tourney. I'll bring a stadium too. Thanks.
littlekev0 has been added to the Attendees list!
Cye, how far is the bathroom/consession stands for this tournament?
If I remember the park correctly, the Hecksher Playground has a bathroom RIGHT there (it should be that tiny black bar on the map). The closest I can think of for consession stands are the local hotdog vendors.

If you want other food, I wouldn't recommend Time Warner Center for food. Jamba Juice, yeah, but not food, because Whole Foods is MAD expensive. There SHOULD be a Wendies or McDonalds located around 8th Ave, probably like three or so blocks.
I shop organic/healthy foods anyway. I don't eat junk food anymore because I'm hypoglycemic. I have to ask because if I feel faint during the tournament, I have to step away to go eat.

I'm really looking forward to not having to do ANYTHING at this tournament other than play.
Oh...in that case, there's the Whole Foods in Time Warner Center (where my sister works...the Center, not the Whole Foods). Organic, but expensive, but good. And there's a Jamba Juice if you like that.

Considering where Hecksher Playground is, it's the CLOSEST Jamba Juice in the area, next to the one on 6th Ave.
What street is this on?
Time Warner Center? It's actually on the bottom left-most corner of Central Park. Where the fountain is on Columbus Circle, it's RIGHT in front of you. (if you're facing towards the Hudson River).

Whole Foods is downstairs of the center. Has a grocery, an eatery, and a Jamba Juice. It SHOULD be on 8th Ave, between W 58th and 59th Streets.

Edit: TWC also has a Borders in the second floor....but that's just me.

If you want, I can show you next time I hit up NYC. I have a Jamba Juice at my local mall, but there's nothing wrong with hanging out with friends too. I don't know if Cye knows that place, too...
Where are you from?

I'm actually familiar with that area.
Jersey City, which is why Cye's Tournament is actually more accessible to me compared to Brooklyn (no offense), and I WOULD join it if I had my complete Bey (Storm Aquario 100HF/S isn't gonna cut it). I mostly need to take the NJ PATH, and I'm there, and I mostly know the train systems on the west side up to...I guess W 137th St.
Kaji Motomiya pretty much covered that all. The mall is in walking distance. You can see it from the meet up spot.
If I may, I can at least supply a list of places to eat if participants do not want hotdogs or whatever.

Fast Food:
McDonald's - W 56th and 8th Ave (from Columbus Circle, go straight down the opposite direction of Central Park)
Wendy's - Between W 55th and W 56th on 8th Ave (same directions, same block)
Subway - W54th, between 8th and Broadway (the's also one on W58th, just next to Time Warner Center, if it's still there)

Then there's Whole Foods in the Time Warner Center, and Jamba Juice in said place.

If people want a Burger King, the closest one is either down by W 42nd, between 8th and 9th Aves, or on W 50th and 6th/Ave. of the Americas.

If people want Japanese, I can recommend a nearby place called East, located on W 55th between 8th and Broadway. Another one I recommend is Cafe Zaiya, one located in Kinokuniya bookstores in front of Bryant Park (6th Ave, between W 41 and 40th), or the one E 41st between 5th and Madison.
On 55th and Broadway there is a place that sells pizza for a dollar.
Added a little more, such as Japanese food. There is also a Dunkin' Donuts on 8th Ave and a Starbucks on W 58th (next to Time Warner Center) or W 59th (around Central Park and Broadway before Columbus Circle) if anyone wants coffee or a snack (there's also McDonalds, too).

So if any parents or participants want a quick meal, Cye and I listed some suggestions.
I'll be driving in so if anyone from Long Island or Queens needs a ride, I'll pick you up. Just get me back for some gas money. Still cheaper than public transit Wink
ok this one im most likely coming but dont put me down as comiing but usaly when i miss one i definently come to the next.
You should definitely come! Isn't this where you won your first tournament?