New Jersey tournaments

I am setting up a tournament in Belleville/Essex county around the beginning of October (I’m waiting on mail). I need 4 people to confirm interest before I can take the organizers quiz."
I'm definitely in for New Jersey tournaments.
I take an interest in participating in such events
I wish there was a tournement in van buren county maybe someone could make one?
I am 100% interested and willing!
I'd be interested in early November tournaments. I don't think it's very realistic to plan for early October considering how long it takes to grade them. If it is in October, I probably won't go, but November is fine with me.
Im interested but they aren't gonna review the test right away, what citrus said Early November might work
I am willing to join. Im a super noob and need some peeps to help me learn. I am from Albany NY
Thank you for the interest everyone. I’m aiming for the 20th. I won’t be available on Friday.
Saturday would work better for me. Sunday I work all day Uncertain