New Forum: Questions & Answers!

We've recently been reviewing the site and looking for ways that we can improve the overall quality-of-life for you guys when browsing through. At the moment, we feel that our existing "Ask a question, get an answer" thread is an area that could do with an overhaul; asking question after question in the same thread isn't efficient and, as much as we encourage looking back through the thread to see if a question has already been asked, it's not easy. There's 1260 pages after all!

So, as of today, we're closing our existing "Ask a question, get an answer" thread and opening a new Forum specifically for Questions & Answers!

Within this Forum, each question is fully deserving of it's own thread, so don't feel that your question isn't worth asking! Questions will no longer overlap in the same thread, and no question will be lost or unseen! We've also created tags for the thread creators to set on threads to show whether they are answered or unanswered, making it easier to see at a glance whether threads still need attention.

And naturally, the search bar and sort feature will wholeheartedly complement this. The search bar will now check thread titles, allowing you to easily find a previously asked question (much better than crawling through a 1260 page thread!), and the sort feature also allows you to filter out results based on whether a question has been answered or not! In the future, we'll also be looking into allowing thread creators to tag their questions with the type of topic being asked (anime, toyline, competitive play etc), allowing for even deeper question filtering!

We hope that you'll all make full use of this new Forum, and we'll be keeping a close eye on it to ensure that things are going smoothly!

Thanks everyone! Please look forward to our next update, coming this week! BeyDays season is almost upon us after all...
Can't believe we never really thought of this before! Glad to see this implemented. Great work with the tags/prefixes and pulling this all together ~Mana~!
Hi WBO - i'm looking to host a tournament - where do I start? Thanks, McMItch
(Aug. 13, 2017  7:18 PM)McMitch Wrote: Hi WBO - i'm looking to host a tournament - where do I start?  Thanks, McMItch

Well in order to host tournaments you must be an Organizer. In order to be an organizer you be active with the WBO for a decent period of time, once you have become a trusted member you take the Organizer's quiz in the Tournament section of the WBO and if you pass you're an Organizer! With the new updates, tournaments must have at least 4 people confirmed for the tournament and 8 people must be confirmed for it to be ranked, have prizes, and eligible for prize reimbursement. Anyways as of know you only have 1 post but if you grow that to about 50(all of them being quality posts that is) then you can take the quiz Smile
Anyways, good luck!