Need a L/R (or) LEFT string launcher

Please guys I need a left or lr string launcher in Indian cost actually I need left string only
If anyone is willing to sell their left or lr string launcher
Please contact affordable price Rs.499/- for left alone
RS.899/- for L/R
Your are Low Balling. I got my Beylauncher LR for 1200. Best Thing you can do is Stick to the whatsapp Groups And Ask.

also, wrong Forum, But welcome to WBO
Bro where u get lr launcher can you get me the cost of left launcher alone
(Feb. 22, 2019  6:01 PM)Fafnir_F3 Wrote: I don’t know, mabye at K-Mart

The original poster is in India. I'm not sure they have KMart in India. I did a search, and apparently KMart Australia is considering expanding their operations to India.

Also, Dual Threat Launcher is the US one, and LR Launcher is the Takara Tomy one.