Need Free Music for Your Youtube Videos/Channel?

Hey guys!

Every now and again when you browse Youtube, you might run across a video that has been stripped of its audio because either proper credit was not given or the content has been reported by an interested party. Even when you "cite your sources" your video can end up on the hit list.

Need a solution? Look no further!

I've been doing copyright friendly remixes for a while now and I thought I would extend a helping hand to my fellow bladers. Even if you haven't run into the above problems, sometimes your testing video can be that much more exciting with the right tune playing over the usual clatter of Beys.

I specialize in remixes, but can also do original music for you! If you are looking for samples of existing work, simply check out my site at:

If you're interested, you can PM me with ideas or simply respond to this topic! If you're looking for something quick, I have a wide variety of existing arrangements from games, television, movies, and anime!

All I ask it that you simply credit "Pharaohmone" and add a Website Link to (which I can do the same for your channel on my site!)

Content creation and sharing is what makes the internet great ~ !
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Thanks Kai-V! I always make strange hybrid topics whose correct location eludes me.
dude thats some wicked sweet stuff u got there Smile
i just might take u up on that and ask to use some of this sick music
keep it up Wink Grin
Sounds great! I've received an overwhelmingly positive response from Bladers via PM! I'm happy to work with everyone, too, as I have plenty of existing projects, some that have never before been seen or heard.

I also have lots of ideas, both for remixes and original content, that should be compatible with the content everyone is presenting to me.
Hey guys! I thought I would post up a few samples.

The first one is a video I put together testing some Hasbro Beyblades for an out-of-town friend who is just beginning the game. It goes to show you that a long video can be a lot more enjoyable with the right tune and editing.

The next video illustrates the same point with a straight-forward Takara Tomy Beyblade battle, from WBO member CRUelty. He's one of the many folks who is in the process of implementing my music in current and future videos!

The songs are remixes I composed of Coldplay's The Scientist, Dan's theme from Street Fighter Alpha, and March of the Dreadnoughts from Final Fantasy XIII. It also just goes to show you the wide range of tunes I have available now and will have available in the future!
Those are great.

The music goes well with the video.

Nice work.

Ha it looks like there are many wing Pegasis'.
(Feb. 03, 2012  9:58 PM)NaLu Wrote: Those are great.

The music goes well with the video.

Nice work.

Thank you!

I'd also like to thank AwesomeDragoon for taking the plunge. His YouTube channel now proudly displays several tracks along with his testing and battling footage. You can see more here:

Awesome Dragoon's YouTube Channel.

I'm in the process of doing several original tracks for WBO partners, but am still available to partner up with anyone interested!
I've still been getting messages over this year, but I just wanted to make it known I am still actively taking requests for channel help!
Wow I really like your songs, I will most definitely use them in my videos. I am a Youtube Partner, so I don't wanna' use any music that can affect my account. This will help me a lot. I will also give you some credit in my videos if I use one of your songs.
Hey Bj3rdd! I sent you a message on YouTube, and I look forward to working with you on your channel ~ !