NOIDA Beyblade Burst Tournament Report: Last Battle Of Saints

                           December 24, 2017, at Sector-49  in Noida, Uttar Pradesh • BURST FORMAT
                                                         OFFICIAL EVENT PAGERESULTS SPREADSHEET

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The first Tournament to be Held in Delhi/N.C.R. and that too by me well had to be the best ever!
First of all, i was not even sure about this tournament even happening in the first place as the WBO event process approval and me becoming an organizer was itself the struggle.
Nonetheless, the city was facing its worst pollution attack ever and it was not safe to play outside and I could not even think of hosting in such a dreadful cold out there as most of the beybladers were kids and would fall sick easily. So I thought hard and remembered that I had two extra apartments at my disposal. They were empty and thus were a perfect place for a tournament.They were cozy and I knew how I could achieve a perfect tournament because of them.

I got it approved from WBO and we ended up with 8 participants. @[Sahil Pruthi] was supposed to be the co-host but somehow he couldn't make it there.The day of the tournament came and I had just came from my night shift office slept for two hours only damn! I arranged mats and lighting and water for everyone. I had 4 Un-official bey stadiums too so I set them up in the apartment so that everyone could enjoy while main battles were in play. People helped like @[GaganKalyana] and @[LuckyKidBlader] who helped a lot.

The burst was new to everyone and thus everyone had fewer beys while some had none, I had 4 at my disposal and I shared 2 with others @[Sagarshahi] also shared his while @[Beyexpert_hamza] also shared his Roktavor. I was really counting a lot on my driger snf to make me victorious as I knew both Hamza and sagar were gonna bring their best beys out there.

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Since this was everybody's first tournament teaching them more about rules was more difficult.  More than what I had expected.  But it was a great experience for me. everyone was running around here and there and thus I had to calm them down every often.  During the tournament Lost Longinus was seen most of the times in play but somehow my driger was able to counter it every now and then as soon as Longinus was in action for its attack driger would go into stamina mode and save itself from those amazing hits and then since Longinus  had less stamina i would have won. easily.

[Image: 2cz1u9k.jpg]

 however, there were many amazing combos that Hamza used and was giving me quite  the trouble to overcome the prelims and were itself hard to beat many other people had trouble with his combos. Must say he had chosen them around days of consideration as he always does and that makes it even more difficult. He even used doomscisor which was damn hard to get into a burst and I really needed those burst finishes when he was using it. Sagar was himself in an Aw when he saw his doomscisor.  The bey was nonetheless damn good.

[Image: 345zsqh.jpg] 
During the event there was one bey that was a problem for everyone and i mean EVERYONE. @[StarStrange] didn't had any bey and thus sagar shared his Holy horusood triple orbit which was as he thought his least used bey and was not IMPORTANT but it became  quite the trouble for everyone also to note that Saurabh that is star strange used a proto launcher instead of the regular ones as he like it more and damn those launches had amazing power. Where everyone thought he was gonna lose he was winning and not just survivor finishes but getting burst finishes out of my driger too which is really hard to burst.

thanks for goodness sake that my launches were stronger otherwise I would have been out of play.
[Image: 2pqtmcg.jpg]

Prateek's Roktavor was facing troubles in every battle as it was not a very good choice.  I did ask him to go with my draciel SCP instead but he chose roktavor instead.
The event ended up with me, Saurabh aka starstrange, sagar, and Hamza.
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We managed pretty well in the finals and I scored a 5-0  over Hamza which was epic and I thoroughly enjoyed it,
my combos you ask just a driger and draciel seems like two beys from old gen made to finals haha. Saurabh just had one Beyblade and it made to finals too god bless him and his proto launcher.

[Image: rruyxx.jpg]

The event turned out success and I emerged victorious after so many battles. It was fun.

The fun did not stop just there and we had another mini game too like I had already told everyone that we will be selecting a best case created by all beybladers so people managed to create great cases and after voting Gagan won for his great case which was simple and elegant in its own way.
Everyone loved the design and glitter it had. He reported it being made out of a snickers box! lol, that was nice to see.

[Image: 2vnj7yw.jpg]

others were a good attempt too!
Now it was Christmas eve and my mom made Indian traditional food for everyone out there and I hope everyone enjoyed eating that. The food was amazing in my view and I loved eating with friends more than I loved battling with them after which we had a cake ceremony for our first tournament and that made everyone happy! Everyone loves cake more I guess!

Look at those photos the moral of the event was not beyblading it was the small little smiles that were needed. After seeing them smile like that I was happy that it turned out a success. hope we keep more events like these soon.

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Amazing Report bro. I can imagine this being very fun event haha.

I hope Delhi continues such a event and be active like other 2 cities!
This is great. Thanks for sharing!

Sorry that it took so long to finally get you approved to become an Organizer. But I'm really happy your first event seems to have been a success!

Just one thing: that Fusion Driver on Driger S looks a bit too worn to be legal from what I can see ... It looks like a roughed up Accel haha.
(Jan. 13, 2018  5:06 AM)Kei Wrote: This is great. Thanks for sharing!

Sorry that it took so long to finally get you approved to become an Organizer. But I'm really happy your first event seems to have been a success!

Just one thing: that Fusion Driver on Driger S looks a bit too worn to be legal from what I can see ... It looks like a roughed up Accel haha.

It does look like that because that was taken at the end of the event and you see the cake was all over bey blades lol!