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NEW TEAM!! Called Golden Shot. THis team is for members of the WBO who make every launch their best. If you want to Join P.M me and you will have a good chance of getting in especially now. XD


Leader/Blader: Beymasters
Co Leader/Blader: Titi Rules
Manager/Blader: Dr leo

Our Blades:

Girago Ifraid
I thoyght you were a member of kman`s team Galaxy Revoloution
i am aswell but not much is goin on in da teem so i made a nuder 1
if you want to joiin u can also write a quick reply ( bottom of page) Tongue_out
Nah man I think I'll stay in 1 team. I think all the London bladders have been taken but u could hang posters somewhere
(May. 13, 2012  2:30 PM)beymasters Wrote: i am aswell but not much is goin on in da teem so i made a nuder 1
You can't be in two teams...
oh if not then this team is disbanded and as manger of galaxy revolution titi rules can join galaxy revolution
Can`t read it and it is spam
... anyway does this mean we have five actual members???
How can you say you don't really want to report him? You know what he did was SPAM, yet you don't want to help out the MOD's by reporting it?
I meant to say I don't have time to report him since I was goin to sleep. Sorry
EDIT 10/7: if the team is disbanded i will be pming a mod to close this thread.
If anyone has any problem with that tell me before 2:30
i'm restarting the team and have left galaxy revolution reply to the post if you would like to join.
So you do not wish to join the HellBringers anymore, beymasters?
im not bothered to fill out an application
update: if you have zero g's send me your faviroute combos so I can post them on here.
Somebody please join!!!???
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