My custom Face Bolt Design

I was up most of the evening trying to make a evolution Face Bolt design for Flame Byxis. I thought I might share it to share it with you guys:

[Image: 3469nb8.png]

I call it Aether Byxis, does anyone have any ideas for stats if it was a real Beyblade
Maybe a defensive type bey with a round ball performance tip. Its fusion wheel could have round connected disks that deflect the enemies attack. Its special moves could be Floating Protection, in which DNA - like particles surround Aether Byxis, forming a force - field barrier protecting it, and Cloud Shield, in which the air around it moistens, forming a thick layer of fog. This makes it hard for the opponent to see and much easier for Aether Byxis to attack.
That's quite a good idea, I love the idea of the Special Move
hmmmm... The Beyblade's stats: Balance type. the special move should be called shadow Dance it keeps it self in one place as it seems but it is vibrating violently too fast for the naked eye and everytime the opponent's beyblade attempted to attack it would b violently atacked untill it was moved away while also draining spin power of its opponent then slowing down time at the right moment and attacking the beyblade and speeding it back up right when the opponent's beyblade had a sleep or stadium out.
Nice Photo. PM me if you make Pegasis Face Bolt