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The Crown of Thorns
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Little idea for a story:
Will lunged at the demon, which exploded in a flash of yellow light. “Did you see that, Dan? One hit K.O!” Will said. He turned, expecting to see Dan, but what he saw shocked him. An Archdemon was standing, holding Dan’s corpse, a large bloodstain where his heart was. The demon was sinking his fangs into Dan’s heart. Will stood there in shock. The demon looked up from his meal and spoke in a rasping tone. “I am Shalan, the Archdemon of Shamar, Lord of Souls. I have been ordered to kill you and your clan, little Spirithunter! Starting with your friend over here.” He pointed to the corpse he had thrown in the large rubbish bin to his left. Will unsheathed his sword, Iratze. “One cut with this, and you will be vaporized back to the Hell you came from!” Will warned. “I don’t think so, ignorant Cephian. Haven’t you been listening to what I am? I’m an Archdemon. I have a weak point, a breach in my armor. Your foul weapons cannot destroy me. You may defeat my brethren with Orcan Gold, but not me, nor any Archdemon or Demon Lord.” Shalan rasped.

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I draw information from the books that I read. i could never have written this without Cassandra (Cassie) Clare. She wrote the book I just read called 'Clockwork Angel'
Both the stories are really nice....keep writing..I like the earlier one a little more though