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I am the Heir of Night and Reading. I am the Lord of the Kingdom of the Moon I love to read and have probably read over 2000 books in my ten years of life. I am currently reading the Guardians Of Ga'Hoole. I am a HUGE fan of Pokemon. I finished Pokemon Black & White in Japanese within a week of receiving them. I finished the english version five days after the game came out (quite fast considering I got it on the Saturday) My favourite band is Owl City. NO HAVANA BROWN YOU DONT 'RUN THE NIGHT' MY FATHER DOES!!!! What the Hell Kerbecs!!! STATUS: Supa bored. so bored i cant even be bothered to use caps or full stops. I am, according to my thread, a very talented writer. And i am only 11. Please visit my Youtube channel: AccioPenguin697 . If you see an error in my posts (highly unlikely) PM me. Please dont derail the thread. On my Youtube is some animated videos i made, and soon to come will be some Beyblade videos (as soon as I figure out how to make the upload time less than 122 minutes (XD), [b]PM me please if you know how![/b] Thanks for taking the time to read my extremely long bio. USER TITLE: King of Chaos. I finally took over the family business

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