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Its showing up in the comments section, but your profile isn't showing the subscibers.. maybe you should just PM or post a screenshot that you have subscribed to him, that would be easier...

Also ashton, Are these terms counted - Once Ashton Pinto reaches a total of 250 subscribers; Alpha Beta Gamma Generation reaches a total of 50 subscriber sand I reach a total of 300 subscribers. ONLY THEN THE GIVEAWAY WILL BECOME VALID' ???

cuz it seems its gonna be LONG after December (MAYBE) that you get those many hehe
I added a few more Beyblade battle videos Smile

Oh, and i am taking Plastic gen battle request. I have almost all the beys released(perhaps excluding engine gear beys, lol i keep selling them whenever i get them Argh! ) .
let me know which battles you would like to see. You can post below or PM me
Bro will you do a custom battle with me ?

If yes my combo is rivizer killerkeren bd145 rdf
Added another video. Check out my other channels as well Smile

To indian Bladers - I am uploading a few episodes of beyblade in Hindi
Check out my channel to watch them. Enjoy

Please Comment here as to what should be my Next Beyblade Giveaway ! Im taking opinions starting now :)
For best results to my subscribers 
2017 Beyblade Giveaway