Dragoon Bitchip
Dragoon G Attack Ring
10 Wide Weight Disk
Neo Left SG
SG Metal Flat 2

Concept: Smash Attack
How can you have an MG core with a bearing base?

Six Balance is maybe the worst WD choice possible ...

Combining an Attack-type AR with a Survival-type BB isn't going to balance those functions out; rather, it's just going to make them not work very well.
I dunno It worked well 4 my classmate. (He gave his parts 2 me)
How about:
AR: Dragoon G
WD:10 Wide
SG: Neo Left - North Core -
BB: Dragoon S
I want you to explain how you used an MG Core with Bearing Base.
No, it's impossible and if you're doing it it's probably illegal. If you can't explain your combos, don't post. FYI, most of us have been playing for 7-8 years so if there's a way to do something we already know about it.
So tell us how you did it. :\
AR: Dragoon G
WD: 6 heavy
BB: Master Dragoon
(Jan. 12, 2009  1:15 AM)Driger570 Wrote: AR: Dragoon G
WD: 6 heavy
BB: Master Dragoon

(Jan. 10, 2009  11:21 PM)Anu Wrote: Dragoon Bitchip
Dragoon G Attack Ring
6 Balance Weight Disk
Dragoon MG core
Bearing Base

[b]I guess this is a very good combo for endurance and attack cuz the 8 Spiker Atk ring (wide range of attack), Blade Base(endurance), MG Core Spin Gear (increase in spin time due to magnetism- Mind You I didn't use Engine Gear cuz they don't spin as long unfortunately) and the 6 Balance is an Excellent Choice of Weight Disk.[b] (Only cuz of the Light weight for speed.) Thas Y I Sed that Brad Happy Smile
yay im glad u remembered the bit beast Grin
If you want an all dragoon combo, use shikamaru's combo.
About that,I knew the Attack Ring was from Dragoon G, the Weight Disk was a 6 Balance (It was the only one he had), The spin Gear was MG Core but the Base was a different colour than a normal Bearing Base. It was Purple. He just told me it was called a Bearing Base when I asked him the name and said he painted it. Also, He said not to tell anyone how I built it for him and say it was a secret cuz if anybody out there was a gd blader they wud alredy know by now. In fact, I just built it normally like any other blade.
Can you explain to me what your "Bearing Base" looks like?

Bearing Base is Metal Dragoon Bearing Stinger's base. It cannot accept a Spin Gear.

I have a feeling you might be talking about SG Metal Ball Base. It has a metal ball tip and has two slots for metal balls on either side. It comes from Draciel S (Shield).
That's what I mean, It didn't look like a Bearing Base, and it was Purple not Green
(Jan. 16, 2009  11:04 AM)Anu Wrote: That's what I mean, It didn't look like a Bearing Base, and it was Purple not Green

k i have no clue what this could be
Neither Do I XD, so I guess my classmate lied cuz I know how a Bearing Base looks He sed he painted, but I don't believe him.
The thing is Mankster is that he moved and I don't have his contacts. Unhappy
Can you describe the shape of the base to me please?
O.o how could that be possible???
maybe it wasnt bearing stinger's BB but burning kerberous? that accepts an MG core ( outer parts)

other then that it would probably be illegal >> put on my force
No It wasn't Cerberous' Blade Base... It's not Illegal either...

EDIT: Wait a sec isn't Strata Dragoon's Blade Base Purple and it accepts MG Core, Oh and It Had Metal Tip
Now I remember, the Blade Base is SG Metal Flat 2. Yay !!!