Mumbai WBO Tournament Report:- The Ray of Hope

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[Mumbai, MH, India] Ray of Hope [23.4.2017]

What Happened Before Event + Little About Event


[b]Metagame and Combinations[/b]

Photos and Videos
coming soon (check this thread again by 9pm Indian Time)
Thanks for sharing FIREFIRE CPB! Hope you post the pictures soon. Smile

How was Challonge? Did you like it? And maybe I missed it, but did you in fact end up playing Club Format?
(May. 04, 2017  7:22 PM)Kei Wrote: Thanks for sharing @[FIREFIRE CPB]! Hope you post the pictures soon. Smile

How was Challonge? Did you like it? And maybe I missed it, but did you in fact end up playing Club Format?

Thanks, My pleasure! I tbh have just 1 as of now
[Image: lhyoubb7v]

I think Eurekaboy had more. Will ask him.

Challonge. I have to say it was Beymazing! And it really was main reason why this was most #Anti-Chaos event I ever hosted. Main thing I liked about it was, it automatically decide who will go against who next and still let me have someone else's battle if I want. Rather then holding book and pen all the time, deciding who will go next and keeping track of where his battles are in book, deciding who will go next before even starting battle, judging explaining rules, writing and remember who won and who was going to be next and who battled last and in end count all point of all member and if I miss wrote winner, I had to strike it and write again which made it kinda unclear (due to my handwriting) for other judges to understand + and;if book lost or got wet. It's done,, had hard time to recover. Itas main reason why my events were "chaotic". Before I used to do battles of each player in row, so I didn't need to think as much and clear events fast. But later as I avoid doing in row. It got little confusing for me. But now due to Challonge, only thing I need was enter usernames of participants, and enter winner (other few settings as well but that's easy). It lets me focus on judging and helping participants as well as check everything properly and it will keep track of everything for me. In end it let me overview everything and provide wins and loses of each bladers, which made it WAY easier for me to host then ever before.

Only thing I have little issue with is, doing someone's battle in row and doing a tiebreaker. Which will I get used to (and it's easy enough as I can jusst look at each round and play specific player's battles) and about tiebreaker, I can keep that in small note pad so no problem​ with it.

Thanks ALOT WBO for recommending it!!!

BTW I found a way of doing battles of a unconfirmed member who isn't sure if can come till last min and come at event without notice. If we have 9 participants confirmed, and 2 are possible but not sure at all. We can keep 9 with username and 2 as Unconfirmed 1 and 2. So in case someone came without notice or someone in part wanna to take part you can take him as 1 or 2. If no one showed up, just write unconfirmed member's battles as loss or tie. But in Spreadsheet you don't write them