[Montréal, Québec, Canada] Beybladers in Montréal.

Unfortunatly, no body subscribed for the metal tournament so no tournament. Clearly we have more people for burst, so we keep our way on this:

Burst Fallin Down! tournament on 28 september. more details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/772177373201331/

By the way, Beyparc made some sort of a fund rising/Giveaway/lotterie, don't know how to spell that in english hah! you can see it on the beyparc fb page
Toys R Us to host tournament with tons of prizes for Burst Kid Division:

For info at Beyblade Montreal (On Facebook)
i only got 2 beyblade burst gt
at the moment We mostly see Dead Phoenix TT or some good Evolution combo(God layer) from hasbro. I Demonstrate some GT beys but I didn't see one in competition right now.
Toys R Us sale on Beyblade Burst this weekend
Link here

[Image: 70671324_10162191959930587_5234399088857...e=5E392833]