[Montréal, Québec, Canada] Beybladers in Montréal.

Unfortunatly, no body subscribed for the metal tournament so no tournament. Clearly we have more people for burst, so we keep our way on this:

Burst Fallin Down! tournament on 28 september. more details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/772177373201331/

By the way, Beyparc made some sort of a fund rising/Giveaway/lotterie, don't know how to spell that in english hah! you can see it on the beyparc fb page
Toys R Us to host tournament with tons of prizes for Burst Kid Division:

For info at Beyblade Montreal (On Facebook)
i only got 2 beyblade burst gt
at the moment We mostly see Dead Phoenix TT or some good Evolution combo(God layer) from hasbro. I Demonstrate some GT beys but I didn't see one in competition right now.
Toys R Us sale on Beyblade Burst this weekend
Link here

[Image: 70671324_10162191959930587_5234399088857...e=5E392833]
CostCo rolls out it's Holiday product with Beyblade Burst Turbo Slingshot Arena at a big discount

More info here:
Beyblade Montreal link
Great deals for Beyblade Burst at Toys R Us this weekend.  

More info here at Beyblade Montreal:
Toys R Us Deals via Beyblade Montreal
Protoman loyd87
Hello! Is there any tournaments in the following months?
(Looking for Burst Tournaments near me).

Thank you Smile!
sorry but there hasn't been any tournaments set up in a long while i hope it changes for 2020 ♥️?
I don't organize wbo event anymore, i'm still working for beyparc qc, wich is smallest organization. the Beyparc has no indoor venue at the moment to host a tournament. we hope taht it can change soon.

the 2019 seasons are now off. we prepared the new 2020 summer event list. we may have some special tourney around spring break, but actually it's more in the saguenay region.

if you have some indoor venue to suggest us, it will be appreciated!(mostly free space are our priority, because we havn't much money to rent a place.)
(Feb. 22, 2011  2:23 AM)Zone51 Wrote: im also in Montreal canada  
so if anyone here wants a tournament then pm me

Could you please organize a tournament in Montreal? I really want to get in the rankings!

I'm currently gathering people interested in participating in tournaments near or in Montreal.
If enough people are interested, I'll try to host events during 2020.

Thanks Smile
I'm interested to play if someone can organize something in mtl and around.
If you guys need to run a tournament, let me know, we have a nice indoor downtown location to use at a game store.

We also have Beyblade Montreal, the Facebook group we use to plan a lot of this stuff and promote it too.

(Dec. 23, 2019  3:56 AM)loyd87 Wrote: I'm interested to play if someone can organize something in mtl and around.

Me too!
Let us know here and we can have everyone all in one place to arrange an event.

That's cool, I'll keep this thread updated as I get into this organizer stuff.
I also won't join this Facebook group, as I don't want a Facebook account.

If needed, you guys could add me on DIscord Mikuri#6969 or join the World Bladers Discord I suppose.
I'm mostly free each weekend until next month.
Oh, c'est pas trop pire, je suis à Saint-Jérôme.
lol jai vecu par la quel sont votre toupis moi elle es en chemin du japon ses Wizard bahamut 00 wall friction 'gen
I've got too much of them but I like prime apocalypse and Regalia yenesis. Oh forgot to mention my Storm Pegasis Huricane Atomic, so nice that blue recolor.
I am available for Montreal with my Cosmic Valkyrie Around Valor H