[Montréal, Québec, Canada] Beybladers in Montréal.

Valentin is awesome I saw him in a video on youtube witch was posted by the WBO and Deagor42 or sometin, and he looks really cool Grin Maybe im good enough to beat Valentin! (probably not) Tongue_out Also if the tournament will happen, will there be TT or SonoKong stadiums?
Oh ya, is there a way to get Face boosters without going to tournaments?
They will be TAKARA-TOMY stadiums, and perhaps a SonoKong Attack Type BeyStadium.
I might even video tape the tournament Tongue_out If its okay with everyone, probably not though...
I just went to Toys R Us like 45 minutes ago and the tournament is happening and they put me as first person on the list for people entering.
(Jan. 27, 2012  8:53 PM)Shabalabadoo Wrote: Is Nocto too far away or something?

In Québec. It is at least two hours and half from Montréal.
Wait Kai-V, in the 48th post you wrote,"The Québec championship community". Who are they? I just want to know Smile
Look for "QcBc". They mainly do tournaments in the city of Québec though.
Cool so thats who they are Smile
(Jan. 27, 2012  8:54 PM)Kai-V Wrote:
(Jan. 27, 2012  8:53 PM)Shabalabadoo Wrote: Is Nocto too far away or something?

In Québec. It is at least two hours and half from Montréal.

I can drive up to Montréal any Sunday, but if you set the date early enough, I could probably take a day off any other day of the week.

What about three weeks in advance at most ? I do not really want to actually take a day off work if we are not certain either ...
Sorry for busting in the conversation but, what are you guys talking about?
I'd love to battle you but live in Ottawa, ontario
Awww man, oh well maybe one day... Tired ... probably not though.
We dont know yet but were thinking about it, or maybe just ask Kai-V about the info.
Visit ontario too i would love to have some bladers here too.... theres only 1 WBO member in ontario QQ

Pretty lonely for me hahahah , even though theres tournaments pretty much alone for the rest of my life (UNTIL tournaments happen)

I could visit Quebec , on vacation , don't have time i got school Uncertain

Oh btw Bob i could visit ottawa sometime since its near from mississauga probably a 2 hr drive
Yo, I told you before, there are at least thirty Bladers in Ontario. You just have to go to Toronto.
I just read the last comment in the forum "Des gens du Québec ?" and Neoh wrote that their would be a tournament on the 25th but I have my Toys R Us tournament, but is the date confirmed? Because if it is I will not be able to go Unhappy
Yeah, Im french so I was able to read it Tongue_out
I have no information about a tournament on the twenty-fifth ...
Oh, then sorry for your time but its on the thread, "Des gens du Québec ?", weird it was posted by Neoh...
Awww man, really a tournament in Quebec City, why not here, in Montreal? Oh ya the date has been confirmed, their will be a tournament on the 25, but your guys probably already new that Tongue_out I really need to battle against someone right now :\ I hope a tournament in Montreal will come soon...
They are sure to get eight people because they have all become close friends or something like that. For us, we rely on six people who are more or less confirmed, but then, Nocto, whom I cannot reasonably expect due to the distance, and Brad, whom only Valentin believes he would come.
Ok thanks for the info, I needed that Smile
On January 22nd, we held a tournament at Wasabi manga in Laval. 2 players from laval showed up, 4 player from montreal, 2 from Longueil and 1 from Vaudreuil aswell as me and 4 quebec players.
Actually no of these guys are WBO members. Most of them came by seeing QcBC publicity on Facebook and the news.
As from now it is possible to make tournament in québec and laval since we have 2 official places to have tournament and its free.(thanks to Peter Parker) we still have no place ti have tournaments in montreal. ive seen ppl talking about Valentin who can make tournaments in his house. I can promise at least 5 ppl comming to any tournaments in montreal (in week ends)
for anything, http://quebecbeychampionship.com