[Montréal, Québec, Canada] Beybladers in Montréal.

Should be good for us too, I think.
Nice! I just received some stuff from hlj i hope it will be helpfull haha
Does anyone want something from marchenshop? I need to purchase something from them and am looking to save on shipping by getting more than one item packaged, so why not make the Montréal community benefit from the occasion hah. Here is what he still has in stock, which is at least seven copies of that Entry Package Valkyrie...
Ive seen 2 or 3 things but im still runing out of money...

Thread is up @_@ Sorry guys, work is killing me. (But at least we have an office to play in haha)
(Jan. 19, 2017  6:28 AM)loyd87 Wrote: Ive seen 2 or 3 things but im still runing out of money...

You could probably just pay me later hah. 

I wish to make the order tonight though, so let me know as soon as possible.
Well i get a last look and have 5 items finaly lol its about 53$ is that ok? I could pay you a 20 at the burst tournament and the rest by paypal later. I txt you 2d for more!
hey guys! anyone have free time for a tournament soon?
Hm perhaps around the 25th or 26th?
So what is everyone's availability for perhaps a Limited-format tournament either on February 26th or March 4th-5th? I want to call it "L'Heure est grave" hahah. Limited is not my favourite format, but Gravity is unbanned if I remember correctly, so this will be interesting to try out.

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February 26th should be good for us, but I don't know at all for March right now.
25 26 is good for me too
im good for march and ill be there forsure
So, is this still going to happen this weekend ?
In the end, March would be better, there is just too much work for me right now and other engagements. When will you know whether you guys are OK for March, MissingNo.?
I can't attend cause I'm overseas Unhappy
(Mar. 02, 2017  3:59 PM)ridbladebreaker Wrote: I can't attend cause I'm overseas Unhappy

Damn, until when?
(Mar. 02, 2017  4:10 PM)Kai-V Wrote: Damn, until when?

Until April 20th Unhappy
25 26 march should be good for me!
I really wish we had used that one clement weekend we had in February to play outside hah. With gloves, I think we would have not even frozen that much. Let's try to do something near the end of March for sure, but I wish we could be outside.

By the way, I hesitate to order it for myself since I care so-so about Burst right now, but would anybody in this community want the Star Frame that comes with the God Valkyrie Completion Guide for sure? With the guide itself as well, hah. If so, I could order them all in one go. The guide only costs 1644 yen shipped and it arrives very quickly, therefore I can only imagine that it would cost less than 1500 yen each if we were to place an order for two or more. It gets released on March 18th, so tell me if you are interested before March 20th at the latest.
We had some extremely warm days this month as well, but now that the snow is back, I doubt we'll be able to play outside until April or May.

For the 25th and 26th, we unfortunately have something already planned for both of those days, so I guess we'll have to report it on April ?

And for the Star Frame of God Valkyrie, since the new wave is so far a big disappointment for me, I think I'll pass. Thanks for the offer though.
I still don't know what you talking about with the star frame but I'm curious! how much in CAD for that guide?
(Mar. 16, 2017  4:01 PM)loyd87 Wrote: I still don't know what you talking about with the star frame but I'm curious! how much in CAD for that guide?

Look here:

1644 yen is $19.35 CAD.
I want one! I like the concept and it probably make some differences in customization if they made multiple sort of frame.
now that the customizations are getting more complex I might get into burst