Missing Plastic & HMS Beywiki Articles

He said Flame Pegasus G.
(Jan. 22, 2011  11:06 PM)Wraith Wrote: He said Flame Pegasus G.

There is no such thing, it is just Torch/Flame Pegasus. XD
Sorry that I have been away for so long!

Since I was gone for so long, would someone be so kind as to tell me what plastic beys now have active drafts and what other pages were published since the publishing of Draciel V2? many thanks
Dranzer V2 was put up a while ago, sorry I havent updated in so long evryone! It is off the list!
LeonTempestXIII, would you like me to make a new thread for this ? Reason being is mostly because of the new 1 thread per atricle thread. I could also inforce this more:
(Feb. 12, 2010  3:47 AM)Kei Wrote: Flame Libra, I'm happy that you want to do so many articles, but can you try not to call too many at once? I would say that two should be the max, given the list we are working with. Give other people a chance to do something! Haha.
Because someone by the looks of it is creating articles that took abot 5 minutes to make and has done tons that aren't very good.
Yeah, that happens, but there's no reason not to keep this list as long as it's updated with links to drafts (and any secondary drafts that are written and posted to the same thread, as this now requires, even if the first article is sub-par or just plain had no influence on the second).
@Posedion: While I normally would not want more than one thread for the same thing, if you are promising that you will allow it to be consantly updated, then I am un-opposed to the idea. Ill support you 110%. If you are going to go through with it, please title it something along the lines of "List of Missing Plastic & HMS Articles (2)" abd in the OP, please link to this thread for reference purposes.
You have made the thread, and yet all it reallly is is a duplicate of this one...unless you fix it, I see no reason why a second thread needed to be created...
Is this thread only about missing plastic/HMS beys or even MFB???
Ultra did not keep his word, despite me sending him pms and putting in effort to contact him. I do not pass any judgement on him, however, so neither should anyone else. I merley want some work to get done.

Now, can anyone pm me a list of articles that are up/WIPs? Because this list is way outdated, and so is the other one.
Keep my word on what? I've been kinda busy in the last few months with Uni work so whatever it is completely slipped my mind. Also you didn't send me any PMs... Anyway i'll work on that tonight and post it or send it to you. Either one is fine with me.
I sent you 2 pms. Did you not get them then?

I have been busy myself, with SATs, college stuff, and junior year of high school, so I understand, and its no problem Smile Sorry for the misunderstanding then

I have already gotten some pms, which is a good sign, and I have re-organized the list somewhat, although I know that I am definatly missing a few beys, especialy some hidden spirit beys whose names escape me at the moment. Tonight when I get home from work I will post links to some of the WIP pages, and I will update the contributors list as well
I'm sure I didn't. I've made a list which i'll send to you by PM.
OP updated. Thanks to Ultra and Benjohadi for the URLs to some WIPS and some missing bey names. I will organize them all by section later
I didn't put Pheonix Inferno's drafts on the list on purpose cause they were awful and he's quit now anyway so he's not coming back.
Yes but according to the rules, numerous drafts cannot be started anyway.

I will remove Phoenix Inferno's drafts from the WIPs if time passes without anyone attempting to fix the articles he wrote.
I'll probably try at some point in the next few months when I have time. All the ones he tried are pretty easy to do so they won't take long.
one thing caught my attention here...
i saw Falborg listed in the OP..does it need an article as well since it is not released..
I remember hearing correctly, essentialy, a custom bey can be created with specific parts to highly resemble the parts used on Falborg. However I do not know the legitamacy of that statement

If no one can provide proof that Falborg or Falborg 2 exists in some form, it shall be removed from the list
It doesn't exist at all and that statement is not true(considering the fake combo on the parts list has parts that don't look anything like the bey's in the anime does)
this is what i got from Parts list

(Bonus!) Falborg
AR: Falwing
WD: 8-Heavy
SG: Right Spin Gear
BB: Dragsaucer Base
The one I was thinking of was different and i'm sure it has SG Metal Ball base in it. Regardless neither were ever made so they don't need articles.
Which combo were you talking about Ultra?

Falborg will be removed from the list today. Cannot do it atm, in school