Meteo l drago vs storm Pegasus

I found out that storm Pegasus 105 rf is not a bad combo.
It beat metro l drago and metal face heavy basalt bull with a modified gb145 with four gravity balls and a metal wd
This does not need its own thread!!!!! u can post this on the offical combo thread.
beywiki Wrote:Storm and 105 are outclassed parts, but RF is without a doubt what makes this an essential buy for every competitive Blader. The Bottom can be unstable and hard to control, but if it is worn down a little and the proper skill is applied, it can be deadly. Using RF correctly can result in almost instant wins in the stadium. Every Blader should own multiples of this Beyblade.
Let's see...:
1. You didn't provide testings
2. You modified a GB145, Which is illegal to do
3 You used an illegal WD

This does not need its own thread. Reported.
REPORTED does not need its own thread
I'm sorry guys I am a real noob at this so I dont know where everything goes