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8. The Miraculous Synchrom
Kyōi no Shinkurōmu
Air date: 2012-05-27


Note: This version is not mine. I got the mp4 from Zero-Raws, and encoded it to avi. My version is recorded on TV-Aichi, while this one was recorded on TV Tokyo. Also, no script for this episode either since this cap isn't mine.
I think the title should be 'The Miraculous Synchrom', haha. Thin Chrome was a mistranslation of Synchrom when ZERO-G was first announced.
Ok, It's changed now. The title still sounds a bit awkward even though that's what it is.
That little twerp, Eight handing his brother Orojya to create a Syncrome Bey out with Revizer in the middle of a battle.
Well that was interesting. Wasn't expecting Kaito to loss that round than to pull the chrome wheel fusion than to win. xD
It was enjoyable, have to say. Me and a Friend were discussing how he looked like he was gonna "go Hulk" :L
LOL KAITO SMASH. Sorry couldn't resist. I kind of found it funny how Kaito lost is cool when his plan didn't work, threw me off a bit.
It already came out.The only problem is the capbox Timecop uses was damaged or something.Se we are waiting for Zero-Raw to upload the episode because he also encodes the episode
So if Zero-Raw is going to encode and upload the Episode, will it be around today, or tomorrow?
(Keep up the good work Zero-Raw!)
LOL I like the first part of the Episode where Kite goes like: HAHAHAHA YOU WILL SURELY LOSE! But then Zero uses the "Starblast attack" and then Kite goes like WHAAAA??