Master Driger/Knight Dranzer Article

Not much to say here, just a useless AR, everything else is generic. Kinda makes us look like spoilt brats complaining about a few beys with 145WD here and there.
Should be complete, other than recolours and pictures.

Note: Knight Dranzer is identical in all but Weight Disk. A separate article for it can be made for it from this, just replace master driger with knight dranzer and 8 wide with 8 balance.

And yes the AR section is lengthy for a useless part, but I like to explain why parts suck. Also, it is kinda hard to describe, it's as confusing as it is ugly so if anyone has a better suggestion for what it's supposed to look like, do tell, but it should be okay as is.

Master Driger

I Wrote:Master Driger

AR: Knight Claws Ring

Knight Claws Ring’s name is rather descriptive of the part’s appearance: it has three large, triangular bodies with flat protrusions in front, and claw-shaped structures extending behind. These larger wings are connected by very thin sections, which also share the armoured appearance. In right spin, the flatter protrusions in front of the triangular sections are the main contact point, and due to their large, flat shape, they cause a lot of recoil, and only have mediocre smash attack ability. The high shock resulting from contact also frequently causes breakage of the relatively thin frame of Knight Claws Ring, and it is not uncommon for them to break after only a few battles. This recoil, combined with the odd shape, also makes Knight Claws Ring completely useless for Survival or Defence.

In left spin, the claws of the AR make contact, however, their awkward, outward-facing angle results in heavy recoil, and the weak design often causes them to snap off (if the entire AR doesn’t split in two from the shock first).

Due to the high breakage resulting from its flimsy design, and mediocre smash ability, there is absolutely no reason to use this part.

Weight Disk
8 Wide (see Wide Weight Disks)

SG: Right SG
(See Right SG)

BB: SG Semi-Flat
(See SG Semi-Flat)

Other Versions
[[Knight Dranzer]]
Blue (Random Booster 6)
Grey (Random Booster 6)
Fern Green (Random Booster 7)
Purple (Random Booster 7)
Red (Random Booster 7)
BBA Championship Version (Burgundy)
Metal Master Version (Copper)

Master Driger contains a fragile, useless AR, and few other parts of note. While it does come with the useful SG Semi-Flat, this is not an uncommon part and is available in many far more useful beyblades, such as Galeon and Flash Leopard. Unless you are desperately in need of SG Semi-Flat and this is your only option to obtain it, there is no reason to by this beyblade for anything other than collection.

Knight Dranzer Article (Click to View)
I'd say this was a lot more common than flash leopard or Galeon. As such I think it should be mentioned that if you're looking for SG Semi Flat this is an easy cheap way to get one. Apart from that the articles great although you need to check the random booster content list for recolours.
Probably not Flash Leopard, that has a billion or so recolours, none of them particularly attractive, and everyone seems to have like 5 of them or something, and Galeon isn't too hard to find (generally worth the effort anyway), and both come with AR's that are useful, unlike Captain Fragile here. FL also has a decent SG (at least the takara version), useful casings and a top-tier weight disk (10 Heavy), and both are good out of the box.

Altered overall a little though, to take people who, like, break their SG Semi Flat's or something, and have like a billion FL's or Galeons and want an unusable AR instead.
I mean, I'd rather have another Flash leopard or galeon than this anyway, and flash leopard goes for similar prices usually, but yeah, I guess if you really are desperate for an SG Semi-Flat, that is a reason to buy this.

I dont know why I even noticed this, but the AR section uses ":" when it should actualy be ";"

This article is very spot on. Nice work th!nk. I owned atleast 2 Knight Dranzers. The ARs were really sucked because Knight Dranzer was one of my favorite bey at the time and it wouldnt stop breaking, along with Wing Defenser and Roller Defenser.

I was aware that Master Driger used the same AR, but not everything else too.

The last sentence in the left spin section doesnt need parenthesis, and can be either a new sentence, or seperated by a comma. Also because Knight Dranzer and Master Driger are the same, I wouldnt make the article exclusive to one bey, unless you can prove one came before the other. In the other versions section, I know that the last 2 are Master Driger, but others may not, and being that Master Driger and Knight Dranzer are identical, you may wish to specify.

Also, this last bit I am not certain about, but I believe thier may have been a Knight Dranzer recolor of some kind. Agian not sure.

When Kei eventualy approves this, include both names in the article tittle (unless you can prove one comes 1st) and then make redirects for that article for each individual name.

(Jan. 16, 2012  10:58 AM)th!nk Wrote: Unless you are absolutely desperate to obtain SG Semi-Flat and for some reason cannot find either of the two aforementioned beyblades, there is little reason to purchase this beyblade for anything but collection.

The desperate part is kind of unnecisary, and can be ommited. "...anything but collection" also seems a bit grammaticly incorrect. Adding "purposes" at the end would make it work.

Agian, great article.
That last sentence is not grammatically incorrect?

I may be ESL but that sounds good.
I would use the same formatting as is done for megaro arm and spin dragoon, bistool, ufd, and gekiryu-oh. Separate articles, the other mentioned in the alternate version section of each.

Desperate is important to that sentence, the point is there are almost always better ways to get it, so unless you really need it right then and can't wait a second longer for a flash leopard to show up (hah, anime reference), there is no reason to buy it. You have to be desperate, basically.

Other than that, I will fix the things that were actually errors tomorrow.

Oh, the colon/semicolon thing was an oversight, the original sentence that followed there was more of a description of why the name worked. Meh.

The parentheses are there because it is basically an "aside".

Dan is right, think about it, purposes is a synonym for "reasons" in that sense, so you'd be saying "there is little reason to buy this for anything other than collection reasons". I know it's common on beywiki but it's incorrect.
Cosnidering this isn't hobbyist wiki, I dont know why we have seperate aricles for beys like Black Dranzer and Bristol, which conatin the same parts as their original beys, but meh. In my mind they all deserve their own articles anyway

I would change the desperate part to "If one does not yet have..." That sounds infinatly better.

In your case, the use of the parentheses there is not incorrect, but it would sound a bit more formal if it wasnt there, know what I mean? But it doesnt matter I guess. Change it if you want to, or don't. Up to you.

While that is true, having the word "ollection" on its own in that sentence doesnt make grammatical sesne. And correct me if I am wrong, but "reason" and "purpose" aren't always interchangable. Both are defined below, along with the word, "Logic" which is also used interchanagbly when it shouldn't.

Purpose: The quality of being determined to do or achieve something
Reason: The capacity for rational thought or inference or discrimination
Logic: Reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity

Logic is reason but reason isn't always logic.

One's purpose is one's reason to live, but one's reason is not one's purpsoe.
No, if you don't yet have SG semi flat you should buy galeon or flash leopard, not this. You need to be dying for one and this be your only option for it to be a better choice.

Sometimes we have articles just because people search for them a lot.

You used the wrong definitions there btw, in this case, both words mean close enough things that the second becomes redundant.
As much as I agree with you, it still doesnt belong in that sentence. Re-wording it to what I wrote, or something along those lines, would be best. "Desperate" is almost condecending, and agian, non-formal.

Not challanging you, but how are definitions pulled from a dictionary wrong? I am not talking about a crappy online dictionary either. Both words are incredibly similar, and can be considered synonyms and used interchangably, but there are certain times where this is not the case. This would be one of them.

That is what redirects are for though. Doesnt matter then. I wont fight what I want to happen. It just seems wierd, given our wiki's intentions and goals.
Again, your sentence does not adequately represent the facts. The only situation where this beyblade is a good purchase is a very, very unlikely one. I may tweak the section a little, but it will still represent that this is not a good purchase, and "desperate" will probably stay.

Have you never heard of words having multiple meanings?

Also you do realise these beyblades have different weight disks right? Black Dranzer doesn't have its own article, bistool etc do because the WD's differ.
Quote:Master Driger contains a fragile, useless AR, and no other parts of particular note. While it does contain the useful SG Semi-Flat, it is not an uncommon part and is available in many far more useful beyblades (Galeon, and the very common Flash Leopard). If one does not yet have an SG Semi-Flat and for some reason cannot find either of the two aforementioned beyblades, there is little reason to purchase this beyblade for anything but collection purposes.

I dont see what is wrong with this version. Bolded represents changes.

Yes I have. 0_o A dictionary generally has more than 1 definition for a word. I chose the definitions that best suited the discussion at hand. In addition, the 2 statements I made after the definitions should have summed things up quite nicely. there is nothing wrong with putting "reason" and "purpsoe" in the same sentence, as long as they are used correctly. In the case of beywiki, they are.

I had forgotten that. In that case only, never mind.

If you wanted to, this is an alternative version, with that entire part ommited. Bolded represents changes. It is do-able, but I dought you will want it. The reason the one bit was ommited in this example was because you already stated the uselessness of everything except the SG Semi-Flat, and better beys that include the same part. In a sense, the ommited portion is almost an unnecisary re-statement of what was already said in the overall section. But, it could also be looked at differently, and an argument could be made that it is not unnecisary, which I would also understand.

Quote:Master Driger contains a fragile, useless AR, and no other parts of particular note. While it does contain the useful SG Semi-Flat, it is not an uncommon part and is available in many far more useful beyblades (Galeon, and the very common Flash Leopard). There is little reason to purchase this beyblade for anything but collection purposes.
I have already told you that I will not be changing it as it is the most suitable wording I can find. Unless you can find an alternative that still accurately depicts the fact that this beyblade is a terrible purchase and only worth purchasing if for some reason you need its base and a Canadian millionaire bought every galeon and flash leopard in existence, drop it.

More realistically, your SG semi flat broke before a tournament and someone there is selling master driger and no one is selling galeon, flash leopard, or even driger s, and SG semi flat was the only suitable base for your combo that you had, i.e. You are desperate to find a replacement. There's that word. You have to have an SG semi flat and can't wait a day longer. Desperation.

Your second edit was exactly how my original version went iirc, but ultrablader correctly pointed out that whilst that situation is rare, it is not impossible.

I've already said the definitions you chose were incorrect, so that will not be changing either.
Thought i'd save you the trouble:

Knight Dranzer

Random Booster 3

Light Purple

Random Booster 4

Dark Yellow
Light Yellow

Random Booster 5


Master Driger

Random Booster 6


Random Booster 7

Fern Green
Awesome, thanks a bunch, I'll add those in once I wake up!

EDIT: Done. Tweaked the overall a little, and added a Knight Dranzer version of the article. Also removed the "extremely common" from flash leopard, it's not hugely important and I trust Ultrablader's judgement there.
Just saying though, most of thoese are really hard to find. Like some of thoese random booster are really hard to find, as an oppose to the flash leopard rarity is easier to find due to being released in easier to find random boosters.
Um no one said that the random booster versions weren't hard to find. I was saying that the normal version isn't hard to find. Less so than Flash Leopard(the normal version). You should read the topic clearly before posting. Also trust my judgement considering i'm knowledgable about releases.
Yeah, the main thing is Master driger is relatively cheap on Ebay iirc. I know about some random boosters being rare, I want a purple death driger, member seen one, only realised it existed yesterday :p

Plus ultras word, considering his excellent knowledge of releases.

Either way, the draft is comfortable enough with either situation, hah.

If anyone has any pictures or has means to take them for this article, please do so. Otherwise, this looks ready to go.
I don't have the original colour of either, sadly. I do have the BBA Championship Version Master Driger, but yeah.

Honestly, we should look into organising the beywiki pictures thread in case there's some in there, and perhaps a separate thread for plastic picture requests, for those we don't have?
Sweet. If you give me a couple of minutes, I can do the links and stuff for you, once I'm done the pic for the galzzly article's combo.
I'm surprised you were able to write so much about the worst beyblade ever, well done!
Hm, there is a big problem with the fact that the "d" is not capitalised. I would delete the article and recreate it as "Master Driger".
(Feb. 03, 2012  2:13 AM)Zain Wrote: I'm surprised you were able to write so much about the worst beyblade ever, well done!

I like to be thorough: If something is terrible, at least do it the service of explaining WHY it's terrible.

Go to the Griffolyon thread and look at how much detail I put into Griffolyon Base, which is not only the worst part ever, but it's not even legal right now, ahah.

Oh, also Hazel, other than what Kai-V said, there's also a Knight Dranzer draft there, as they're the same beyblade aside from the weight disk, so if you can find an image for that, that can go up to. I can do the formatting on both, because the only difference is copying the article over, changing the weight disk, changing all but one mention of master driger to "Knight Dranzer" and yeah.