Manta Diver Draft - Done\Need the approval -

Awesome, other than that it shouldn't take too much more editing.
If you need photos Galaxy (I'm sure you don't buuuttt) I'll be more than happy to take some for Beywiki. c:
If you have a recolor/different version that would be an awesome addition!
That reminds me. The blue and orange versions from RB11 need to be mentioned.
(Oct. 09, 2011  11:33 PM)Dan Wrote: If you have a recolor/different version that would be an awesome addition!

I have the Hasbro G-Rev version, and it's not EXTREMELY mint, but it has survived very well over the years. (the AR's just a little beaten up at the main smash points) I'm glad you made this Galaxy! I just love the AR, even though it isn't great on attack combos, and others, I personally like to use the AR with the rest of it on a Driger V2. It's beast!
Yeah, just take some pictures Raigeko13! The more the merrier.
I'll take them tomorrow, first I need to get a blank sheet of printer paper, plus the Sun has already gone down, so I can't get a good shot with light, as I have no "good" lights that don't give off yellow tints.
For the moment i can't because my PC's broken and this i'm using hasn't got the software for my camera!

I've got an Orange Takara one,so when i'll be able to upload them,i'll do them!
Sorry I haven't done the photos yet - I'll have them tomorrow.
Don't worry,thank you Joyful_3
Well I can't take the photos because I don't have ANYTHING white to put them on... Smith
Nothing ever works out for me lol
printing paper..?
Got some today from school Grin
But sadly I'm booked every day of the week, so I won't be able to take photos until the weekend... :V Sorry for the long holdup.
I'll try to take photos right now, but it's dark and all I have is a variyellowish light. :V
Turns out my bathroom light is brighter than I though Gasp
I'm not sure if these are Beywiki material, but hopefully they are. I think they're too dark. I had to take htem at nighttime, so forgive me :V
Anyways, onto the photos -
So yeah, if they need to be taken again I can try again tomorrow Grin
That's what I figured. DX
I'll try again tomorrow.
your Manta Diver is pwetty, Raigeko. Me really want. sorry if spam, just wanted to say that Tongue_out
I think these are marginally better than the ones I took before Wink
If any photos need to be retaken, please notify me now, I won't be able to do this at night Tongue_out
So I'm assuming that they were good enough? Oh and has this been approved yet? Sorry for double posting. Confused
(Nov. 15, 2011  9:07 PM)Raigeko13 Wrote: So I'm assuming that they were good enough? Oh and has this been approved yet? Sorry for double posting. Confused

Sorry i wasn't able to reply here in the BeyWiki Section during the last days!
I don't know if that pics are good or not,i'd wait someone that knows more than me about pics on BeyWiki!
It isn't approved yet!
Thanks ^^!
Rai, I'm not sure Kei would allow pictures with so much grime on the Beyblade - it kind of detracts from the overall aesthetic. There's also quite a bit of glare on some of them, so if you can clean it up and re-take the ones that are especially bright, you might be okay.
I don't have this beyblade, but this draft is solid. I've reworded it a bit and made a couple of changes based on what I know of it (basically, Beholder stated it had some minor use in aggressive weight based defense, but is outclassed by other AR's for that). Like Damashii, I would focus less on the OHKO combinations and more on weight based defense, where its large size should make Gattyakki/other mid air collision launches easier to pull off. So yeah, threw that in, cut the OHKO, there's an explanation below, but if needed I can throw something together. Grudgingly, of course Wink.

Hasbro released it as B-104, which was an endurance (endurance/stamina/survival, same thing) type, so that is the information I've included in the beybox. :\

Article may still need an image, haven't checked the gallery as my internet is still cutting out, but yeah.

Anyway yeah, seeing as no one else was doing anything about actually getting this put up, here you go, ENJOY!

| image = Manta_diver.jpg
| full item name = Manta Diver
| item number = B-104 (Hasbro)
| beyblade system = [[5-Layer]]
| beyblade type = [[Survival]]
| starter or booster =


'''Manta Diver''' is found in [[Takara|Takara's]] Random Booster 11, in which the White version is one of three prize Beyblades, with a 1/12 chance of obtaining one. This Random Booster also contains Aquamarine and Red-Orange versions of the Beyblade.

Hasbro released this Beyblade in their G-Revolution line, under the same name, with a [[Wide Weight Disks|10 Wide]] Weight Disk, and Normal [[Spin Gear#S_To_F_Series_Spin_Gears|Right Spin Gear]].

== Attack Ring (AR): Square Edge ==
* Weight: 7 grams

Square Edge's large, diamond-like design depicts two triangular Manta Rays, separated by a large gap and the ends of each Ray's wings. The wings themselves are covered in triangular spikes, which allow for some [[Smash Attack]], however, the poor shape of these contact points, as well as the [[Recoil]] and poor [[Smash Attack|Smash]] produced by the tips of the wings means that Square Edge does not have any true competitive use. The large size and weight does mean it sees some use in more aggressive Weight-Based [[Defense]] customizations, though there are better choices. It can be used for OHKO customization, but these as a whole are not particularly useful, and there are many better options than Square Edge for this purpose.

=== Use in Weight Based [[Defense]] Customization ===
The somewhat aggressive shape, heavy weight, and large size of Square Edge means it is a decent choice for more aggressive Weight Based [[Defense]] Customizations. The main use of this is to attempt [[Gattyaki]] or a similar style of launch aiming to knock the opponent out of the arena before they can make contact. The heavy weight of this combination aids in surviving the initial hit as well as providing more momentum to KO the opponent. The large size of Square Edge makes hitting the opponent significantly easier. While other Attack Rings, such as [[Venus|Mirage Goddess]] are better at this due to their superior [[Defense]] ability once in the stadium, Square Edge is still a viable choice. Here is one such customization:

* '''AR:''' Square Edge
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Defense]]
* '''SG:''' [[Spin_Gear#V_and_V2_Series_Spin_Gears|Neo-Right SG]] (Heavy Metal Core)
* '''BB:''' SG Metal Ball (4 Balls) ([[Draciel S]])

== Weight Disk (WD): Random ==
As it was released by [[Takara]] in a Random Booster, the Weight Disk received is random. The possible Weight Disks are: [[Star Attack]], [[Revolver Attack]], [[Heavy Weight Disks|10 Heavy]], [[Balance Weight Disks|10 Balance]], and [[Wide Weight Disks|10 Wide]].
The [[Hasbro]] release of this Beyblade contains [[Wide Weight Disks|10 Wide]].

== Spin Gear (SG): Neo Right SG (Metal Weight Version)==

See [[Spin Gear#V and V2 Series Spin Gears|Neo Right SG]].

[[Hasbro]] Released this Beyblade with a regular [[Spin Gear#S_To_F_Series_Spin_Gears|Right SG]].

== Blade Base (BB): SG Sharp Base ==

See [[SG Sharp]]

==Other Versions==
* [[Manta Diver]] - Aquamarine (Random Booster 11)
* [[Manta Diver]] - Orange-Red (Random Booster 11)



== Overall ==

Manta Diver is an aesthetically pleasing blade, however, despite being arguably the most viable of the Diver series, it still has no real competitive use. '''Manta Diver is only recommended for collection purposes.'''

[[CategoryTongue_outlastic Beyblade]]

Haven't thrown in a OHKO customisation, because Big=/=OHKO. HIGH SMASH + Recoil is what we should call OHKO, and honestly, we should just call it "Smash Attack (Note this part has high recoil). Whale Crusher, Attacker, and Cybernetic Dragon aren't OHKO, they just SUCK. Try them in combinations where their recoil shouldn't be a problem, or watch what they do when they hit, compared to a proper Smash AR, they're just not as good.

Spike Dragon is a good AR classified as OHKO, but it's really just a Smash AR with extra recoil. Any AR that is actually "good" at OHKO is just doing Smash Attack, not a completely different form. You could probably say the same about the AR setup in the galzzly article (though it has a little less recoil and a little more power).

"OHKO" is the plastic gen version of "Destabiliser", honestly.

Expect a more organised version of that to appear somewhere eventually, but yeah, hope that might start clearing up this mess, I will look at explaining it to Kei and doing a cleanup of the stuff currently on the wiki, too...

Oh, there's a small stock image of Manta Diver here, if you feel like cutting it.

But yeah pretty tiny.

Cropped the image real quick:

[Image: mantadiver.png]

And at th!nks request, I'm going to try and clean up my Manta Diver some more, and get photos up, given that I can acquire my camera and the Sun complies with me tomorrow.
Your PNG seems to have caught the JPEG Artefact Disease somehow Confused

Here, let me try: [Image: Mantadiver.png]
Son of a bitchip, I meant to save it as a .png..
Must've been photobucket or something.
Oh well.