Make Your Own Beyblade Burst Character

Don't the first letters have to be the same?
Yes. No one cares though. Ppl. EXAMPLES: Chelzar/Chimera. Both start with C. Valt/Valkyrie. Both start with V. This is just a suggestion, but I do recommend doing it.
Lance Arakawa
12 yrs old
razor leon 6 cross operate
(balance type)
gimmick:when blades contracts in the sides .it will go faster than the normal speed

special moves

lion switch
fang glory
scratch launch
Name: Gary Makrodu

Bey: Victory Gozorika - Run - Charge - Shin

System: Gatinko

Type: Attack

Moves: Heavenly Strike
Blader: Hitomi Shiro
Beyblade: HH.Ph.Rt Metsu/Sen
Chip: Houndfell. Depicts a large dog with its mouth open. Has four tall teeth.
Weights: Metsu/Sen the two weights are used interchangeably.
Base: Hybrid. The base has two large wings and two walls. The gimmick is that the wings are spring loaded and can compress into the weight space. It has two modes. The first mode is when weights like Gen or Metsu are used, this mode allows the wings to be pushed in for defense. The second mode is when weights like Sen, Retsu, Zan, Ten, or Goku are used, in this mode the wings are forced inwards to make a more oval shape for a counter attack. Go is an interesting case and isn't recommended.
Disk: Phantom. This disk has a plastic core with a heavy metal outside for powerful OWD.
Driver: Return. This Driver is a small ball shaped tip with a metal bearing that is ment to catch the bey when it gets knocked back.
Special moves
Hybrid Guard: In deflect mode it uses its wings to block attacks.
Hybrid Strike: In counter mode it uses the retracted wings to catch the attacks and hits back with the walls.
character: RemoLlazumai
bey: storm Feedback
special move: ultra storm break
Blader: Yatogami: well it is Yato from noragami
Bey Yuki Tsukoyomi 00 Wall Charge'+ 説
Moves Setsu,  Zan, Kyoukai, Baku.
YT 00W CH'+ 説

Chip: Tsukyomi, despics a crescent moon with green eyes ( Like valkyrie's). Have 3 teeth, with one really strong, and 2 regular.
Weight: left upper, left mid and right upper, unlike the most weights 説 have the right lil' weight being heavier that the other 2.
Base: Yuki is a right spin base, with 2 medium atack points  a gimmick simmilar to pegasus and bahamut's, as the disk moves a rubber blade will be growing on the 2 great impact points and will form a crescent moon.
Charge'+: basically  charge with  golden spring and rubber instead of plastic ( in the contact area).
Zan: an full impact with the 2 blades.
Setsu: an really fast impact with the blades can split every bey in 2.
Hafuri: gimmick.
Baku and Kyoukai an quick counter-strike that glare the opponent.
Blader: Anton Will
Beyblade: RW.Xt+ Ren
Layer Chip: Wolfram. Depicts a wolf howling. Has one medium to high tooth at the end. Most of the teeth is similar to Garuda.
Layer weight: Ren. Reverse Metsu.
Layer Base: Rewind. Layer base is generally round with two points of impact similar to Flare or Grand. The base has a built in disk and the disk prongs move a spring loaded sublayer that pushes back on the prongs to try to regain clicks. Making it harder to burst.
Driver: Xtend Plus

Special Move:
Last Stand Impact. Wolfram slams into the opponent the the extra pushback resistance of Rewind causes the opponent to take more burst damage.
Survivors Guard: Uses its gimmick to take hits without taking any permanent burst damage.
Blader: Guinevere Lyn
Layer Base: Limit(L). An attack type base with two main smash attack blades weighted by metal. The secondary sweeping impact points are rubber. Can't take weights with a center hexagon.
Layer weight: Mukai(向). An extended right spin Metsu with a sou middle circle but no center hexagon.
Layer Chip: Grindnyr(G). Depicts a wolf-like beast. Seven moderate teeth. Right spin.
Disk: Slip(Sl). Plastic core with a heavy and free-spinning Metal ring. The core has a mechanism that locks the ring at low velocities.
Driver: Boost dash(Bs'). A rubber flat driver with a wind-up system on a high torque gearing. The mechanism is made to work with Slip to where when the disk releases, the catch on the driver does as well, Speeding up the beyblade's rotation speed at the beginning of a battle.
For my character we have Uazuki Mortem ( a guy)
A 14 year old with white hair and black spots on it, wear a shirt with a arm covered and a arm sticking out, with sharp teeth aligned like a triangle. Pretty tall. His pants are short little man dress, with boots and light blue eyes. His personality is quiet, but can get pretty scary in battle. . .
His bey is Murder Unison ZD, AN, (attack type.)
Layer weight Murder Unison= a diamond shaped layer colored white, blue, purple and red with little spaces. In between those spaces are metal contact points that slide. It's called Unison because when hit with heavy damage, the layer contracts (Unison).
Disc is Zodiac, nothing special. Just a disc with a star shaped down for knockout resistance.
Driver= Arcana, which is pretty unique. Similar to Power on Slash Valkyrie, But in corners, there is rubber. And when pressed down, the rubber hits the stadium, giving the bey an extra boost when low on stamina.
Special Moves= Arcana Shoot, the rubber hitting the stadium and giving the bey a boost
Final Unison: The points come together and the rubber hits the stadium, giving an even more power boost and over damaging the bey.
Unison Hail: a basic dive move hitting the opposing bey head on
Perfect Unison: The calling of the layer to contract.
Name:Akage Haru
Bey:Xenon Orion (Stamina Type)
Layer power: Orion's Revenge,Xenon Shield
actually he wears a cap and his cap has an X O sign.So that's why its name Xenon Orion.I make it Stamina Type because if i want my own bey maybe i make it Stamina Type.I don't really understand about disc's and driver so i didn't wirte the disc's types or driver types And the layer design....i'm still work on it.

Story:He meets Aiga somewhere and then they dicided to beybattle together and Aiga wins.Haru was amazed by Aiga's bey(Achilles) and he decided to be his freind.Aiga aceept Haru because Haru is kinda strong.When Aiga wins defeat Valt and became the champion,Aiga needs to go somewhere.Haru was so worried because Aiga is going alone,he beg Aiga that Haru can go along with him.But Aiga say he better do it by himself.So Haru let him be and he go to Beigoma Academy to train his beybattle so he can meet Aiga and beat him.

I think that's all :V
I'm tired besides i'm at school bai

//Rusa out
Name: Zion Albescu

Bey: Zburator Vangaurd Zeta Metsu
Layer base has 5 dragon wings that can be pushed in and pulled out while the GT Chip looks like 2 wolves charging into the center
Blader: Asher Zakari
He is quiet, shy and timid, yet he is incredibly powerful and possesses incredible physical strength, though he may not look like it. He doesn't have many friends and prefers to go by himself, staying hidden in the shadows. He loves music and uses it as a form of escape from the world's problems. When him and his bey work together, their bond is so powerful that even sparks come flying from their resonance.

Bey layer: Monody Fenris
Named after the wolf of Norse mythology, Monody Fenris is a balance type bey. It is able to release three broken chain-like pieces into the stadium, simulating how the wolf would break free from its chains. The design is a wolf's head facing to the right, with red shining eyes.

Disk: Sting

Driver: Rhythm
Rhythm is a balance driver that switches mid battle from attack, defense, and stamina. It goes from an aggressive rubber tip, to releasing more and more of the rubber as it battles. It will act like Xtreme, then Friction, to finally Keep/Orbit.

Special moves: Chain breaker, Harmony wolf, Melodic Crusher

Finisher move: Psycho Fang
Name: James Kibu

Bey: Unite Werewolf, balance type

Appearance: Spiky hair, beanie, when reasonating with werewolf his hair fizzes and his beanie flys off, red jacket with white shirt on the inside, black pants and he has a black glove on his right hand

Personality: Nice, Intense when in a battle.