Make Your Own Beyblade Burst Character

Don't the first letters have to be the same?
Yes. No one cares though. Ppl. EXAMPLES: Chelzar/Chimera. Both start with C. Valt/Valkyrie. Both start with V. This is just a suggestion, but I do recommend doing it.
Lance Arakawa
12 yrs old
razor leon 6 cross operate
(balance type)
gimmick:when blades contracts in the sides .it will go faster than the normal speed

special moves

lion switch
fang glory
scratch launch
Name: Gary Makrodu

Bey: Victory Gozorika - Run - Charge - Shin

System: Gatinko

Type: Attack

Moves: Heavenly Strike
Blader: Hitomi Shiro
Beyblade: HH.Ph.Rt Metsu/Sen
Chip: Houndfell. Depicts a large dog with its mouth open. Has four tall teeth.
Weights: Metsu/Sen the two weights are used interchangeably.
Base: Hybrid. The base has two large wings and two walls. The gimmick is that the wings are spring loaded and can compress into the weight space. It has two modes. The first mode is when weights like Gen or Metsu are used, this mode allows the wings to be pushed in for defense. The second mode is when weights like Sen, Retsu, Zan, Ten, or Goku are used, in this mode the wings are forced inwards to make a more oval shape for a counter attack. Go is an interesting case and isn't recommended.
Disk: Phantom. This disk has a plastic core with a heavy metal outside for powerful OWD.
Driver: Return. This Driver is a small ball shaped tip with a metal bearing that is ment to catch the bey when it gets knocked back.
Special moves
Hybrid Guard: In deflect mode it uses its wings to block attacks.
Hybrid Strike: In counter mode it uses the retracted wings to catch the attacks and hits back with the walls.
character: RemoLlazumai
bey: storm Feedback
special move: ultra storm break
blader Yatogami well it is yato from noragami
Bey Snow Tsukoyomi 00 Wall Charge'+ 説
Moves Setsu,  Zan, Kyoukai, Baku.
ST 00W CH'+ 説

Chip: Tsukyomi, despics a crescent moon with green eyes ( Like valkyrie's). Have 3 teeth, with one really strong, and 2 regular.
Weight: left upper, left mid and right upper, unlike the most weights 説 have the right lil' weight being heavier that the other 2.
Base: Snow is a right spin base, with a gimmick simmilar to pegasus and bahamut's, as the disk moves a rubber blade will be growing on the 2 great impact points and will form a crescent moon.
Charge'+: basically  charge with  golden spring and rubber instead of plastic ( in the contact area).
Zan: an full impact with the 2 blades.
Setsu: an really fast impact with the blades can split every bey in 2.
Hafuri: gimmick.
Baku and Kyoukai an quick counter-strike that glare the opponent.