[MTL, Qc] BeyDay 2016! Regional Limited Championship (June 5th)


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One Beyblade is prepared and used in each First Stage match.

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BeyDay 2016
June 5th 2016

Date: May 29th 2016 June 5th 2016

Location : Parc La Fontaine, 3933 Avenue du Parc la Fontaine, Montréal, QC H2L 1M3 Go to 3575 ​boul. Saint-Laurent, Suite #119, ​Montreal, QC, H2X 2T7!

This tournament is hosted at a locked office building and you will need to be escorted upstairs. We will be checking the front door between 11:30 AM and 12 PM, so please wait there for a few minutes if nobody is there to greet you.

If you arrive after 12 PM, text or call 514-886-8535 or 1-450-776-9949 and we'll come get you!

Entry fee: its 6$ to enter the tournament except people who already own a blader passport! You may Purchase a Blader Passport for 20$.

Tournament time: Registration start at 11h30AM and the tournament should start at 12h00PM.

Side Event should start around 3h00PM.

Format: Limited with the banlist V1.4

Prizes: Surprizes for first, second and third place!

Infos: Hi everyone! This year for our second years we have BeyDay in town! for that event we have some big news! First that tournament is Limited format! long time no see! and to make it bigger we will compete for the champion title in limited for MTL! A nice title to have and to defend for next futur limited event we will organize this year!

We have some favorite bladers, who may get the champion title!! But there be enough strong to get it?! Only one could get his hand on it! Hahaha! Get ready guys! Go Shoot!

Second thing! We have a Side tournament for the day! the Tag Team Synchrome! for them who wanted to participate please follow the steps of the tournament registration below! THX!

To Explain fastly what is Tag Team Synchrome, its really simple, In team of 2 you will compete against each other like any tournament hah! Each player will using only one combination for all the time during the tournament! This combination remain secret until the tournament start(see the registration detail). each blader will used a Chrome wheel and a Crystal wheel for there blade. to win as a team you have to win 2 of 3 team round match. a Team Round Match is when one of you beybattle against the other member of the oponent team. each match is proceed as usual.( best 3 of 5). if a 3rd team round match is needed, Now its time to show your team power! Synchrome your beys and choose your player for the launch and fight!

If you are interested to participate get a look below in the appropriate section!


Tag Team Synchrome side tournament

Registration: The registration begin right now! Send me a PM with your teammates and your combination you will used for that tournament! so be wise because you have to synchrome too! I will reply you when the registration is complete and give your team codename for the tournament Wink

RULES: Yes! some rules for that format! nothing that big but I have to do it.

1- Only Chrome Wheel and Chrystal Wheel are ALLOWED
2- ALL Tracks are ALLOWED
3- The Bottom RDF is BANNED
4- ALL OTHER bottoms are ALLOWED
6- during Synchrome you just used parts already attached on your own beyblade!

I hope You will love BeyDay like me! hahaha!

BeyDay 2016 participants list:

Regionnal Limited Championship:
Burst Deck Rotation:

Need-to-Know Information

1. During Registration, Open Your Account Page

Open your account page on your mobile device (if possible) during registration to help us keep things quick.

2. Arrive On Time

You must arrive by the tournament start time to enter. We cannot add new players to an event once it begins. If you're running late, contact the host.

3. Stay Aware of Your Belongings

We do everything possible to ensure a safe environment, but can't be held responsible for lost or stolen goods. Keep your gear close by!

4. The Tournament Will Last At Least a Few Hours

This event is likely to last at least a few hours. If you can't commit to the entire tournament, you're welcome to come watch and play for fun instead!

5. Listen For Your Username To Be Called

Your name will be called when it's time for your next battle. If you need to leave early or take a break, tell a judge. Missing a match could mean disqualification!

6. Players Must Meet Regional Product Age Restrictions

All players in this event must meet the age restrictions on Beyblade products in their region. TAKARA-TOMY recommends Beyblade for ages 6+. Hasbro recommends Beyblade for ages 8+. Players under these ages may only participate with the permission of their parent/guardian.

7. Players Under 18 Must Be Accompanied by a Parent/Guardian

If you are under 18 years old, a parent/guardian must accompany you and be present for the duration of the event.

8. Contests, Raffles, Gambling, Betting, and Selling Are Prohibited

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I confirm you for this weekend?! or only the next weekend?!
(May. 26, 2016  4:21 PM)Time Wrote: Confirm me.

(May. 26, 2016  3:26 PM)loyd87 Wrote: Also, at the moment, we have 60% for a storm sunday! do you want to go at Angrignon where we can have a shelter or we push that the next weekend in case of rain??

It's a bit late to change the location so I guess we'll just put it on the next weekend if we are 100% sure of the weather.

(May. 26, 2016  4:21 PM)Time Wrote: Confirm me.

what the hell bro

no way jose
are you scared of Time? hah! I think its the best choice too but I ask first to be sure to do the right option.
@[Bey Brad] I was the special request for it to be moved to next weekend lol so that I could meet you, the V, and the Boss, but sadly it didn't work out to move it. If there was a reasonably cheap and efficient way to get over to Toronto I do actually have both Saturday and Sunday off.....
Seems like there's rain this weekend anyway, so maybe we should just move it to next weekend?

We can also do it at my office in the case that it rains again next weekend.
great news a big thx to you Brad!

tomorrow I will look for the weather again and take the final decision but I think I should move it to the next weekend.
Hi guys after looking carefully for sunday we have a possibility of storm at 80% in afternoon to night so I push the tournament for the June 5th, sunday, I choose Sunday again because saturday I finished to work in the morning and I need to sleep after a 12h of work so its better for me the sunday! so please just confirm your presence for that day thx!

For the Tag Team Synchrome, still nothing really move... I give you to next friday to register your team and your combination. Else, I will check if you are more up to do a burst tournament.

If its raining the 5th Brad is welling to let us play in his office! Thank you again Brad for your help and the place!

I update the first post as soon as possible with all information needed!

Viva BeyDay!
Sunday June 5th would be better for me too.
perfect! I confirmed you!
June 5th is also good for us.

Also Loyd, I'll PM you my combinations for the side event as soon as possible. I'm not 100% sure of what I'm going to use.
hha I understand that! that's the biggest challenge in my format hah! and you have to think about what you can build with your partner too. you have until next friday to PM me!

may I confirm eleanorawesome?
It is the 5th now??
I don't think i will be able to attend since i have a final exam the 6th but i will try to come...
looking forward to the 29 anyways ill be there June 5
Guys, the date is June 5th now.
sorry the upcoming event on the main page wasn'T changed for the date but yes it was june 5th hah I'm waiting for PM for the Tag Team Synchrome!

Just in case guys bring your Burst! I may change the Tag Team Synchrome for Burst If I get no respond of the participants.
@[loyd87] I am coming for sure now as well. I would honestly much rather do burst than tag team, but I'm open to either.
Maybe we can try Deck Rotation in Burst if anyone's down? Grin
Oh yeah, I'd like to try this one, if it's OK for you loyd.

By the way, it looks like it will be rainy for sunday...
We can move it to my office if we're worried about rain. Let's wait and see if the forecast changes.
Im good with that. brad do you want to organize the burst tournament?


I think we should move the event at your office,@[Bey Brad]. we have something like 90% of storm sunday.

if we try your new format, it will count in Beypoinst and Shard?! or its unofficial like my Tag Team Synchrome format???

Unfortunatly I wouldn't have what I have expected for the Limited tournament Prizes. But I have something to replace the main prizes... so I will give the big prize later to our winners but you will go out with a prize anyway sunday Wink

I have some prizes too for the burst tournament if we need!
Hey @[loyd87], yes, doing it at my office is definitely OK. Please update the OP to reflect this and also PM everyone who's attending to ensure that they understand. You can copy location information from one of my previous threads.

See you tomorrow!
Weird that nobody posted here yet hah. The event was really fun, thank you for postponing the event and consequently waiting for us, and Time even was able to attend as well, which was great.

The top three for the main tournament was:

1st place- MissingNo.
2nd place- Dobby
3rd place- loyd87

And I came fourth after being tied with Dobby to determine who moved to the finals, so not bad at all. I have no idea why I still did horribly at the test Deck Rotation event afterward though, clearly not much is wrong with me hah...

A few of the shots I took were great apparently, so expect to see that uploaded on Facebook very soon.
nice sorry I didn't connected before now hah! Even my personal situation, I really appreciated the tournament really fun. for the burst test format I think I need an other try because my head wasn't totaly there and find it a lil complicated but seems to be simple so sorry if I can't make a proper opinion on that format!

Thx to Time to come yesterday nice to meet you sorry if our language differense make it difficult to talk.

Thx to Brad for his office again!

Thx Kai-V for helping me with the english speaking! its really appreciated.

I would like to have your feedback on the trophees concept! if its something you really love I have some plan for that.

see you soon in a futur tournament! Thx everyone who came!

edit: BTW the spreadsheet is comming please be patient thx!
Thanks for the prizes loyd ! Yesterday was definitely awesome. Time's face when I annihilated his HTSC with my Killerken Ronin B: D was memorable, he didn't expected it at all, hahaha.
Oh, and for the orange BB-10 issue, I think it should be banned. You can't win in that stadium, unless you're using RSF or RS.

Revolve is good.