Limited Format Ban List Update v1.4 - Effective September 10th

Limited Format Ban List v1.4 Effective September 10th

Newly Banned
  • WHEEL: Libra
  • WHEEL: Omega

Libra has, and always will be a threat to the metagame due to its ability to perform well not only as one of the–if not the–best Defense Wheels, but as a Stamina Wheel with a slight offensive upside. As a legal part up until v1.4 of the Limited Format banlist, it has proven itself through competition to be too strong to allow its continued use. While it was legal, it appeared in close to 20% of all Winning Combinations. Its versatility is why it has been placed on the banlist.

Omega was given a chance after the initial Limited Format ban list, but after having some time to take a look at it in practice, it has been decided that its weight and raw Attack power is slightly too high when compared to the rest of the metagame. Its re-banning with v1.4 along with Libra will hopefully allow for more Wheels to be viable for Attack.

To discuss this update, possible future updates, and to see the discussion that led to the decisions that were made for this update, please use these three threads:

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and the MFB: Limited Discussion forum.

Blader Passport Price Increase
Additionally, in case you missed the announcement yesterday, we have increased the price of the Blader Passport to $15 USD. See the full details here.